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GUIDE – Get more performance from your car by tuning

26 Mar , 2014  

Vehicle Remap Audi Dyno - carwitter

So you want more power from your car?

There are many ways you can go about this, from forged con rods, to increasing piston bore sizes, or going for a bigger turbo. Well there are some quicker, easier ways to gain some extra horses…as long as you have a turbo that is.


The first is remapping. A remap reflashes your cars ECU with a custom configuration.

This is permanent and can only be reversed by reflashing to the original map. Often this means visiting the same specialist who remapped the car in the first place.

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If your car is under warranty and the dealership finds out it has been remapped then wave goodbye to free parts and labour!


The second option is chip tuning. ‘Chipping’ – as its known – means to put a custom piece of hardware inside your engine bay that tricks your cars ECU to give you extra power.

Normally these take around 15/20 minutes to fit, but the plus side to remapping is that the chip tuning box can be removed whenever you need to.

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If the car is under warranty and needs a service, simply unplug the box and take it to the dealership.

Both options are relatively cheap in comparison to major engine work! Most cars are more than capable of having this extra power released too.

You see when a manufacturer is developing a car they have to test they work in varying conditions to reflect the different climates the car will be on sale in. Harsh winters of Norway, no problem! Hot summers of Greece or Spain, it will be fine!

Your car has also been configured so that it can have long service intervals. Most modern cars can drive for 40,000 miles before they ever need the sparkplugs changing. Oil is often changed around every 20,000 miles.

Cars are set up to be reliable for their whole lifetime, not for maximum performance.

If you decide to increase power either via a remap or chip tuning then be sure to be bang on with your servicing, change the spark plugs every 20k, oil every 10. Yes this will cost more but in the long run it will help the longevity and performance of the engine.

The most you will gain is around 50 BHP whether it’s a Petrol or Diesel vehicle, torque figures will be slightly higher at around 60 – 80 Nm.

Vehicle Remap Dyno - carwitter



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