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Get a New Car Experience with an Ex-Demo Mercedes

7 Apr , 2014  

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For people who have a strong desire to own a Mercedes-Benz, getting their hands on an ex-demo model allows them to get behind the wheel in double quick time.

There is a large abundance of ex-demo models available globally, and while many people consider ex-demos to be nothing but a used car, in all actuality, they are a used Mercedes-Benz of a different calibre.

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In fact, purchasing an ex-demo model is pretty much like buying a brand new car, and when compared to buying one new, an ex-demo will sometimes offer additional benefits.

For starters, when buying an ex-demo, the car will be delivered immediately. Secondly, as one might guess and the NY Times states, ex-demo models are much more affordable than their new counterparts.

The only downside to buying an ex-demo is that it’ll have accrued a few miles and will have had one previously registered owner; however, for many people, the low mileage doesn’t account for much against the car, and neither does the fact that the car has had a single previous owner.

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Many ex-demo models are fully loaded with options. The reason behind this is that the cars were initially used to show consumers available specification options.

So, when a person goes about buying an ex-demo model, he or she is likely to get a car that boasts a wide range of features for well under the price of what a new, basic Mercedes-Benz would cost.

Another great reason to buy an ex-demo is because when buying from an official Merc retailer, a person can rest assured that he or she will be purchasing a Mercedes that meets the standards of being an Approved Used car.

Also, an official Mercedes-Benz retailer tends to have the newest models available for purchase.

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When a person visits a Mercedes dealership, he or she will quickly notice the vast selection of ex-demo models to choose from.

Whether the person is interested in purchasing a used A-Class or S-Class, the retailers usually have several cars that can meet the person’s preferences, wants and needs. And as with almost all Mercedes-Benz options, there’s certainly an ex-demo model that will fit into anyone’s budget.

Some of the top ex-demo models available for purchase include:

  • New A-Class
  • C-Class
  • E-Class
  • SLK

If you happen to be interested in purchasing a Mercedes ex-demonstrator, you can take comfort in knowing that they are available for purchase at all Mercedes-Benz dealerships, such as local Mercedes Hertfordshire dealer L&L Automotive.

Just Google “Ex-Demo Mercedes” where you’ll find a list of websites offering some hugely affordable and well spec’d vehicles.

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