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Top 3 luxury cars to be chauffeured in

15 Apr , 2014  

Now you don’t have to have a Maybach, Bentley or Rolls Royce to be chauffeured.

Quite a few marques have uber luxury models that give you that special feel, whether it’s a business meeting, posh event or you just don’t fancy driving! These are our top 3 luxury cars to be chauffeured in.

Oh, and don’t forget to add that all important chauffeurs insurance onto the price of these babies!

Lexus GS300

Lexus GS450H Front - carwitter

Lexus GS models are the crème de la crème of the Lexus range. Coming in at £37,495 for the Luxury trim grade you get some stunning sharp exterior lines and tons of rear legroom.

You can even opt for ebony, walnut or bamboo trim, with the option to specify a matching leather and wood trimmed steering wheel.

Lexus GS450H Interior - carwitter

Enjoy your sound? No problem, you’ll want to opt for the Mark Levinson® stereo setup. Over 2,000 hours were spent optimising the design and positioning of the speakers in the GS. With 7.1-channel digital surround sound producing a total of 835 Watts!

It has to be the bargain of the three at sub 40k!

BMW 730Ld

BMW 750Li Side - carwitter

Starting at £61,370 the 730L (Limo) isn’t an obvious choice. But used by many businessmen and women it provides a smart, understated car to be chauffeured in.

Want something with sportier looks? We would probably opt for the M Sport trim level, it adds another 5k but you get beefier 19” alloys, smarter front and rear bumpers and a leather interior.

BMW 750Li Interior - carwitter

Want more toys for the rear? Then an extra £2k will get you heated rear seats, sun blinds, soft close doors and TV.

BMW 750Li Rear - carwitter

It’s the middle of our top 3, far pricier than the GS but it adds that much needed extra rear legroom.

Mercedes-Benz S350L

Mercedes Benz S Class S350 Front - carwitter

Undoubtable the daddy of the luxury saloon segment is the S Class.

This L version competes directly with the BMW, giving you extra legroom in the back…perfect to be driven around in.

SE is the standard trim but if you want those more aggressive looks go for AMG Line, this will add meaner front and rear bumpers, side skirts and bigger alloys…but it’s a £5k premium making the S350 a 70 grand car.

Mercedes Benz S Class S350 Interior Dashboard- carwitterInterior wise you can spec carbon fibre, piano black lacquer, black poplar wood or brown burr walnut.

But the rear additions that can be specced truly make this THE luxury saloon to be chauffeured around in!

Mercedes Benz S Class S350 Rear Seats - carwitter

Ventilated rear seats with an electric memory function that massage. A front seat that can fold nearly flat so you can fully recline behind the rear passenger, and of course rear seat entertainment featuring two screens so you can keep in touch with the outside world.

The Merc is the one we would go for, nothing comes close to it in terms of luxury and affordability…even though I’m sure you could spec one up to nigh on 200k with ease!


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