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Built in tyre sensors, the future?

20 May , 2014  

Continental are developing the next generation of TPMS systems, these are actually built into the tyre themselves!

Continental TPMS Sensor - carwiter

As well as monitoring the pressure in the tyres they will also keep an eye on the tread depth.

To monitor this the sensors map and collect data on the tyres rolling resistance and characteristics. This data is then matched to a pre determined set of data held within the vehicle, when it hits a certain set of parameters the driver is notified its time to buy some new shoes.

Continental TPMS Sensor Ferrari - carwiter

The tech isn’t limited to there…

Continental are also hoping that the sensors will be able to let you know when the tyre is inflated to the correct pressure, vehicle load weight, and communication with mobile phone apps to let you know when a tyre has the incorrect pressure. Clever stuff!

Continental TPMS Sensor Mobile App - carwiter

Don’t expect to see this tech hit the rubber before 2017 though…


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