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How Asset Finance Can Help You to Create a Commercial Fleet

3 Jun , 2014  

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Despite the fact that SME growth has characterized the recent economic boom in the UK, the path to commercial success remains littered with issues and pitfalls.

This means that independent business-owners must constantly look to create new strategies as they expand their venture, while also maintaining an overview of their operation as a whole.

The most recent insight also suggests that small and medium sized businesses should focus on acquiring expert mentors, rather than aggressively pursuing funding alone.

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How Asset Finance Can Help to Drive Your Commercial Fleet

While this has merit, however, financial resources and flexibility remain crucial if businesses are able to translate their vision into a commercially viable venture. Asset finance is therefore a crucial aspect of all business start-ups, so consider the following benefits of this:

  1. Create your Fleet Without Excess Borrowing

Without asset finance, you would be forced to borrow capital against the value and equity in your business.

This is far from ideal, as it would undermine your company’s level of security and ultimately create a situation where it may encounter difficulties during periods of austerity.

While asset finance is technically a form of credit, it is different in that you can secure it against the physical asset in question and do not place the whole of your business at risk. You can also secure finance in the precise amount that you need, which will help you to save money over time.

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  1. Benefit From Expert Knowledge and Specialist Expertise

Many asset finance firms, such as Maxxia, have developed their portfolio of financial products and evolved to the point where they can offer specialist and expert assistance.

This means that in addition to providing finance for your commercial fleet, they can also play an active role in managing assets and helping you to optimise their value over time.

If you own a small business or have minimal experience in your sector, this type of guidance can be truly invaluable.

  1. Save Money Without Compromising on Business Performance

For any small or medium-sized business-owner, the most important thing is that they strike the delicate balance between reducing start-up costs and empowering commercial performance.

This can be extremely difficult to achieve, however, a certain level of investment is usually key to driving growth. Asset finance is therefore crucial, as it helps to minimise borrowing while also ensuring that that you have everything you need to achieve your goals.

In terms of commercial fleet management, this translates into affordable vehicles that are reliable and operated in a cost-effective manner.



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