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What’s the Value of Having a Full Manufacturer Service History?

19 Jun , 2014  

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It’s your duty to take good care of your car and have it serviced at regular intervals. After all, if you don’t who will? Treat your car right and it will provide you with years of trouble-free motoring in return.

However, many people tend to think that only luxury car brands such as BMW are worth servicing on a regular basis. And yes, while it’s true that a car service by BMW is great for people fortunate enough to own one, all car owners should be following a strict service regime when it comes to maintaining their vehicles.

But when it comes to servicing, what advantages does having a full manufacturer’s service history afford?

Peace of mind

Having your car serviced at regular intervals by a main dealer gives you absolute peace of mind. You know in yourself that you have done everything right by your car and it should provide you with years of loyal service as a result.

Furthermore, a full service history gives peace of mind to anyone who may consider purchasing your car from you in the future. It’s win-win.

Higher resale value

People rarely keep cars forever and selling yours so that you can buy a newer model is an inevitable part of motoring. However, with a full service history your car is worth considerably more when you come to sell it.

You’ll also find it much easier to sell when you do advertise it because the full service history will appeal to all buyers.

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Better driving experience

We’ve all seen those cars that have quirky things about them that only their owners really understand. For example, a slightly broken lock may require that the key is utilised in a certain way.

This needn’t be the case though and a full service history will keep your car in the best possible shape. You don’t have to listen to an annoying clunking sound as you drive. Regular services will pick up on anything amiss.


Even though we have annual MOT tests, regular servicing serves as a secondary safety net for your car. The servicing mechanic will highlight potential issues to you and advise you of any repairs that you may need to make in the near future.

Our friends and family inevitably ride in our cars, so safety should definitely be a priority and routine services play their part.

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Usually more applicable to new cars, warranties are a very important factor. They provide a guarantee that you are protected should something go wrong with your car.

However, warranties ultimately come from the vehicle manufacturer who may stipulate that any servicing has to be undertaken by the main dealer. Failure to adhere to this may see your warranty voided – something that nobody wants to happen.

A final, yet still invaluable, benefit to having your car serviced by the manufacturer is that they will inevitably keep a computerised record. This comes in especially useful should you mislay your service history and require a copy.



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