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Britain’s Most Popular Sports Cars

30 Jun , 2014  

Despite the fact that Britain has seen a 36 percent decrease in the number of sports cars bought in the UK in the past ten years, vehicles of the sporty variety will always have an evergreen interest.

But what have been the most popular sports cars to take over the country in the modern era?

Here are some of the most bold and beautiful sports cars that have stolen the hearts (and pockets) of Britons from all over the isle.

Jaguar E-Type

Great Escape Classic Car Hire - Jaguar EType

If there is one car that represents the ever-lasting beauty of a well-designed car, the Jaguar E-Type is it. Named the “most beautiful car of all time” by Enzo Ferarri, the E-Type harks back to the 1960s, a prime era for classic sports cars.

After 50 years it’s still well loved by car enthusiasts and novices alike and is one of only three vehicles to sit in the permanent design collection at the Museum of Modern Art. The pinnacle of sports cars, one wonders if we’ll ever reach its heights again.

Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe Review - Front Angle - Carwitter

The Mazda MX-5 first zoomed onto the sports car scene in 1989 and its sure-fire formula of expert handling, speed and sleek design were an instant hit as it became the best-selling two-seat sports car in the world. From 2009 to 2011 the newer model was one of the most purchased used cars on the AA Cars website proving its popularity all over the country.

The latest incarnation, the Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe 2.0-litre Sport Tech Nav still keeps the original touches and comes with a ton of features that make it a real joy to drive.

Nissan GT-R

Litchfield Nissan GT-R Stage 4 - Front Thre Quarter Angle - carwitter

The Nissan GT-R is every boy racer’s dream as it looks like a concept taken straight from a video game, only it’s in real life!

With exhilarating acceleration, powerful torque and impressive brakes, it’s a beast to drive and an absolute thrill to handle. Besides being powered by a 480-horsepower 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6 that kicks out a top speed of almost 200 mph, the GT-R is also exceptionally designed with a mean look and the punch to back it up.

Porsche 911

Porsche 911 - Logo - Carwitter

A truly iconic sports car, the 911 is still popular to this day even after nearly half a century. It has been recreated and refined to keep up with industry standards of technology and innovation without losing the soul that made it so popular back in the 1960s.

Sports cars are the ideal and the dream of nearly all car lovers across the globe. With stunning designs, powerful engines and adrenaline-inducing speed, they have all the right elements to make them popular throughout time.



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