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How To Save Money On Your Car Insurance

30 Jun , 2014  

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The worst mistake you can make when renewing your car insurance is to accept the quote your existing insurer gives you.

If you don’t shop around then you stand to lose hundreds of pounds as your insurer’s renewal quote is likely to be significantly higher than the best premium you’ll find from other firms eager to poach you and your business. But what if you are looking for a better car insurance quote, what can you do to get a better premium? Fingers crossed you will never need a motoring solicitor but in case you do here are some tips.

Go Online

Look around for the best deals quickly and easily by entering your details on an online comparison website, which will show you the likely premiums you’ll be offered by a range of firms such as One Sure Insurance Limited.

You can also see how much you stand to save if you reduce your annual mileage and offer to pay a higher excess, agreeing to pay more towards the cost of any accidental repairs.

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No Claims

Even if it adds a few pounds to your current premium, protecting your no-claims bonus will save you serious money in the form of a discount on your next deal. However you must make sure you check your policy carefully as the definition of a protected no-claims bonus can vary.

It’s also wise to think carefully about whether you want to add all your family to your policy, as younger inexperienced drivers will put the cost up.

Safety First

Keeping your car secure will help reduce your premium too. You can fit a Thatcham approved security system to safeguard your vehicle.

Also if your garage is packed with old belongings, why not clear it out and keep your car inside? If your car is locked away in a garage overnight then insurers will give you far lower premiums than if it was left on the roadside all night long.

You should also consider signing up to a blackbox, allowing your insurer to install a system in your car to monitor your driving and reward you for safer, careful driving.

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Get the Best Deal

There are things you can do to make sure you get the best possible deal on your car insurance, but the most important first step is to shop around and see who can offer the lowest premiums. Pay a visit to an online comparison website as a good starting point, as there you’ll find who can offer the best deal for you.



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