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Preparing for your next car purchase with a credit check

1 Sep , 2014  

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It is a great time to be looking to purchase a car, with many great deals to be had.

Choosing your next car can be a daunting task. You may already have an idea of your needs, but narrowing down your requirements and matching them to cars currently on the market will take some time.

The process shouldn’t be rushed, and whilst you may be eager to drive your new car, taking some extra time to research your options now will benefit you in the long run.

When looking to purchase a car, the first thing you should do is to think about your requirements, and note which ones are non-negotiable (your needs) and which ones you would like in an ideal world, but you are willing to compromise on (your wants).

When you have narrowed down what you are looking for, be sure to look at our reviews to get an insight into the cars that meet your needs, and perhaps even tick some of your wants.

Armed with your list of potential cars, you should then start contacting car dealerships and arranging some test drives. The test drive allows you to try the car out to see not only how it handles, but also how comfortable you find driving it.

Once you have settled on the model you want to purchase, you can spend some time deciding on any optional extras that you may want.

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How you will finance your car purchase

More and more people are turning to credit to finance their car purchases, especially as there are some fantastic rates to be had. Whether it be a loan, credit card, hire purchase or a car lease, ensure that you get accepted for credit to finance your car purchase by running your Experian credit check.

This will allow you to see what potential lenders will see on your credit check. This will give you time to sort out any mistakes that may appear on your credit history, and put you in the best position for your credit application to be accepted and for you to get a great rate.

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Having your finances already in order to make a purchase puts you in a much better position to negotiate on the price of your car. Dealerships will be interested to know that you are ready to finance your purchase, and may be willing to come down on the price.

If a dealership is unable to come down to your price point then you can instead ask for some extras, such as an extended warranty, free car servicing or even some free car mats.

And finally, before you drive your new car away, don’t forget to read our guide on saving money on car insurance.



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