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Toyota U2 concept revealed

16 Sep , 2014  

Toyota U2 concept - carwitter

While millions of people try to remove U2 from their lives, Toyota are hoping for the exact opposite with this, the U2 concept.

OK so technically this one should be styled U2 because it stands for Urban Utility vehicle, but this concept will probably polarise opinions rather like the Irish rockers.

Toyota U2 concept rear - carwitter

Although it looks a little like a Jeep Cherokee crossed with a Fiat Doblo the U2 is actually a compact SUV, designed to be ultra customisable.

It’s the brainchild of the Japanese firm’s California design bureau and comes with folding, removable, seats, a full roll back roof and a boot that opens down, rather than up, to create a useful ramp.

Toyota U2 concept dash - carwitter

Inside along with a funky, futuristic, dash the U2 is designed to be ultra flexible. This includes a special rail, that can be used for anything from hanging clothes to holding up a desk, and windows that flip up, to allow access from the pavement.

According to their research what we want from our SUVs now is more useful kit, but a smaller area, or as they put it ” the functionality of a traditional pick-up and the spaciousness of a cargo van”.

Toyota U2 concept interior 2 - carwitter

Outside it’s made of rugged materials for a city life, where of course our SUVs now almost exclusively live their lives.

The concept will make its debut at the World Maker Faire in New York on 20 – 21 September.

Toyota U2 concept side - carwitter

Toyota U2 concept rear 2 - carwitter

Toyota U2 concept interior - carwitter

Toyota U2 concept front 2 - carwitter

Toyota U2 concept front - carwitter

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