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Always wanted a BMW, think about going used!

9 Oct , 2014  

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For people who have always lusted over owning a BMW, getting their hands on a used car allows them to get behind the wheel whilst saving thousands!

In fact, purchasing a used model is pretty much like buying a brand new car…if you go about it the right way, and when compared to buying new a used car will sometimes offer additional benefits.

For starters, when buying used, the car has already lost a big chunk of its depreciation – even if its just 6 months old! Secondly, as one might guess and the NY Times states, ex-demo and used models are much more affordable than their new counterparts.

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As we mentioned earlier if gone about the right way you can find a stunning low mileage, single owner example at just 2/3 years old. With only 20,000 or so miles it will be well looked after and practically as new!

Many used models come fully loaded with tons of options, or you can find a top spec trim at the same price as a brand new entry level model, i know what i would rather go for!

Another great reason to buy a used BMW is because when buying from an official BMW retailer you can rest assured that you’re purchasing a BMW that meets the standards of being an Approved Used car, often these approved used vehicles will also come with a years warranty for piece of mind.

Also, official BMW retailers tend to have the newest models available for purchase.

Whether you are interested in purchasing a used 1 Series, or 7 Series, the retailers usually have several cars that can meet your wants and needs. There’s certainly a used model that will fit into anyone’s budget.

If you want to check out the great offers available you can find a BMW for sale on their used car website.

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