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GapFill Review

2 Nov , 2014  

GapFill Review - Packaging - carwitter

You know when change falls out your pocket and goes down the side of your car seat…yup it takes forever to find that elusive 20p. GapFill have provided a novel solution for just that issue!

What is it?

GapFill is a neoprene sausage that goes between your seat and the centre console, it has a cut out for the seat belt to go through.

GapFill Review - Product - carwitter


The squidgy polyester filling means you can squash the GapFill between the smallest of gaps; as seen here in the Peugeot 207. But where it comes into its own more so is in a van. Here the gap is much bigger and the seatbelt higher up so the GapFill can sit lower down.

GapFill Review - In Car - carwitter


Well as mentioned at the beginning it’s a real pain to try and fish things out from under the seat frame when the go walkabout. After dropping an iPod touch and wincing as I pulled it back up the precipice a few weeks ago I thought…now if only there was something to stop that from happening!

GapFill Review - In Van - carwitter

What’s it like?

It’s a basic solution for a very basic problem, but it works well and takes seconds to actually install. You may think the issue is spurious, but it happens time and time again!

GapFill Review - Seatbelt Hole - carwitter

Where can I get one?

You can currently buy GapFill here, a set of two will cost you £12.00 with £4.00 delivery.

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