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Vans of 2015 – What should you Lease?

28 Apr , 2015  

When it comes to your business, choosing the right vehicle means that it has not only to be functional and versatile, but also stylish and professional. Whether you have a delivery based company, you’re a contractor or if your vehicle is also your inventory storage, then choosing a van to best suit your business is vital. Upgrade the look of your business with a smart and stylish new van, but the question is, will you buy or will you lease?

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Buying vs. Leasing

Once you’ve made the wise decision to upgrade the look and functionality of your business with a new model van, the next thing to consider is whether you want to buy or lease.

Buying a new vehicle is not exactly the wrong option, but it has its fair share of cons. Chances are if you’re choosing to buy a new van you are probably financing through the bank or using an alternative credit provider. Although using these avenues to purchase your company vehicle are certainly practical, these funds could be put to better use considering the myriad of options available for vehicle purchasing.

Leasing a vehicle, on the other hand, comes not only with a brand new road-ready vehicle, but a variety of other benefits too, since leasing is generally cheaper than financing. Another benefit of leasing your company vehicle is that you are essentially renting the vehicle, so at the end of the lease you can turn in your keys and walk away or even upgrade, the choice is entirely up to you.

Another positive aspect to leasing is that upkeep and repair costs are virtually nonexistent as this is mainly covered by the provider. Kudos Vehicle Management (UK’s leading van leasing company) for example offers a variety of reasonable lease options, as well as having the finest selection of vans in the UK. Here are some of the latest and most popular vans available for lease:

Mercedes Vito (2015)

2015 New Mercedes Benz Vito Panel Van - carwitter

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish van with maximum versatility, the Mercedes Vito (2015) is an excellent choice as Mercedes is one of the most trusted and respected vehicle brands on the market.

The Mercedes Vito (2015) comes in both panel van and crew models to accommodate any manner of business and currently holds the highest upper payload in its class with over 1300 kg of cargo capacity. Mercedes Vito is excellent for small businesses that require long frequent or long distance travelling as it has excellent fuel efficiency.


Ford Transit (2015)

2015 Ford Transit Custom - carwitter

Ford has been the vehicle of choice for small and large business owners for decades. Their high quality and efficient vehicles are always offered at a reasonable cost, making Ford a smart and practical choice for your business vehicle.

The Ford Transit is an excellent option for any small business, since they feature 128.6 cu. ft. of space and are able to accommodate a cargo up to 1 metre in height. The Ford Transit (2015) also has an impressive maximum payload of 739 kg. This low-cost, high value van is perfect for any small businesses requiring more than one van or even a small fleet.


Ford Transit Connect (2015)

2015 Ford Transit Connect - carwitter

The Ford Transit Connect (2015) is a short wheel base van that’s perfect for delivery or small moving based businesses. The Transit Connect is extremely easy to manoeuvre and is ideal for parking on tight city streets. The Ford Transit Connect boasts over 103 cu. ft. of storage capacity located behind the front seats, as well as an impressive maximum payload of just over 730 kg. The Ford Transit Connect also features an unsurpassed towing capacity of 900 kg (approx).

Considering all of your options before choosing to lease a new van will ensure you end up with the best one for your budget and purpose. The above options are some of the best models out there for 2015, but there are others available that may suit you even better!



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