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Choosing the best company car

27 May , 2015  

Thinking about getting a business lease car for you or your company?

Then make sure you check out some of the best options available to you. We’ve had a look at some of the best car lease deals, all of which are reliable and cost-effective.

However, it all depends what driving experience you want from your business car.

Whether you’re looking for something cheap to run with great fuel economy, or something more luxurious that gives off a professional vibe.

Whatever you’re looking for, check out our top three and see which business car suits you.


If space and practicality are your main concerns when driving, then have a look at the BMW 3 Series Touring Estate.

It’s a fantastic car if you often have a lot of passengers and regularly carry luggage around with you. The BMW offers some really strong performance and excellent economy too.

2015 BMW 3 Series Touring - carwitter

Handling is decent and the precise steering makes it quite enjoyable to drive. One of the best things about the BMW is that there is loads of room for the driver, and enough room to comfortably seat your passengers too.

Boot space is also well-shaped and practical, so extra luggage won’t be a problem.



If you’re more interested in getting a business car fitted with some great technology and gadgets, then the Audi A7 Sportback will suit you best.

It’s a fantastic choice if you enjoy luxury driving and access to cool and useful gadgets. Bear in mind that it’s an expensive option, but definitely worth it.
Beautifully built, both inside and out the A7 displays some impressive high-speeds and performance, especially on motorways.

2014 Audi A7 Sportback - carwitter

Technology inside the luxurious cabin is great too, with a multi-media interface controller, which is innovative and simple to use.

The A7 also comes with loads of kit as standard, such as leather seating, satnav, climate control, DAB digital radio and Bluetooth.


If a cheap car with low running costs is your top priority, then the Suzuki Swift Hatchback is a perfect choice for anyone with a lower budget.

The Swift is a really smart looking supermini that handles itself surprisingly well. It also comes with a decent amount of equipment in the cabin, which is solidly built, with a simple dashboard and lots of headroom.

2015 Suzuki Swift DualJet - Front Scene - carwitter

Whilst driving, the grip is decent and you feel pretty secure on twisty roads, with minimal body roll.

However, the steering would benefit from being a bit more precise.

Affordability is the main selling point of the Swift, as well as its great fuel economy of 65.7mpg and low CO2 emissions to match.




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