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Sergio Marchionne confirms revival of Ferrari Dino marque

5 Jun , 2015  

Frederik Tjellesen's rendering of the new Dino

Frederik Tjellesen’s rendering of the new Dino

Sergio Marchionne has confirmed in an interview with Autocar that he plans to revive the Dino marque, stating its return was ‘not a question of if but when’. The car is likely to feature a 500hp twin-turbo V6 engine based on one currently being designed for new Maserati and Alfa Romeo models and is expected to sell for around £150,000.

Marchionne has stated that the Dino must be ‘done right’ which suggests it will feature a mid-mounted engine like its ancestor.

The original Dino was launched as a Ferrari sub-brand in 1968 with an aluminium body and a 2-litre V6 engine.

It was marketed as an affordable alternative which still maintained the aura of the more prestigious models. Today it ranks among the most desirable Ferrari road cars.

The new Dino is likely to sit alongside the California T in Ferrari’s model range, offering a more performance-focused alternative.

Marchionne does not see it as being a sub-brand or one which will significantly increase Ferrari’s sales volumes, however with Ferrari’s imminent departure from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles it’s critical that the brand manages to reduce its emissions as they will cease to be balanced against the fleet average.

The popularity of the Dino with its comparatively economical engine may well go a long way to bring down Ferrari’s average levels.

We would expect the new Dino to reach showrooms some time in 2019.

Image taken from – tjellesen-design.com