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Citroen C4 Cactus – An overview

27 Jul , 2015  

As a renowned car manufacturer, Citroen hold a broad history built around providing distinctive and attractive models and designs, and they definitely fill these shoes with the C4 Cactus.

With a simplistic design and lighter build, the Cactus is a practical and cheaper alternative to most other competing hatchbacks, making it the perfect option for bad credit car leasing and used car leasing.

The main talking point concerning the Cactus model is the ‘airbump’ design situated across the outer body. The airbumps on all four corners protect the car against everyday bumps and scratches, and are also made available in a range of colours.

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With a variety of engine options to accommodate all, the C4 Cactus features both a 1.6 litre turbo-diesel and a 1.2 litre petrol.
We think that the 1.6 turbo-diesel will prove popular with the majority of buyers, who opt for the more powerful version of the model. Offering a five-speed manual gearbox and light steering, the C4 Cactus picks up from low revs straight through to the middle rev range against the clock.

It can also hit 60mph in around 12 seconds, but you’ll have to work that gearbox! The Cactus is also available in automatic, although we would recommend manual everytime, with the automatic shift between gears giving a bit of a lurchy ride.

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Stylistically designed both inside and out, the Cactus includes a combination of both bold and simplistic elements that are sure to aid your journey. Besides the single line of buttons across the central dashboard, the car operates mainly through two LCD screens located on the dashboard.

The car features an intelligent use of space, with an additional range of storage options and a large glovebox to hide those everyday essentials. In regards to the space available within the Cactus, there is a spacious interior on offer, featuring an extra-large panoramic roof.

However, the boot space is that of the Nissan Juke (so a little on the small side) and the rear windows ‘pop’ out rather than opening fully.

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All models feature a four-speaker sound system with a DAB tuner and Bluetooth media streaming as standard. The C4 also offers extras such as air-con, touchscreen interface, cruise control, and an eMyWay sat-nav system too.

The Bluetooth link is easy to create and reconnects automatically, although the same cannot be said for the Touch Drive system’s built-in web browser. Gadgets available to the Cactus are great everyday essentials, and aren’t anything too hi-tech for a practical everyday city car.

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