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Fuel Vs Electric – Is it time to switch?

2 Aug , 2015  

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With fuel prices constantly on the rise, vehicle owners and those considering a cheap lease car are questioning whether or not they should switch to an electric car, in order to cut high petrol costs. These eco-friendly cars are gaining popularity with higher end manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and they make for a very desirable vehicle leasing choice.

What makes them more desirable than a traditionally fueled car?

Not only do they cut the cost of running the vehicle, but they are better for the environment.

These cars help in minimizing emissions, therefore reducing global warming effects. An electric car doesn’t directly burn fossil fuels, so there is no direct pollution.

Their power source comes from a local power grid which can be a mix of hydro, wind, solar, and nuclear power, which is cleaner energy than motor oil and fuel.
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How do they work?

Electric cars lack an engine and instead are powered by their rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which are similar to the ones found in laptops.

They use the energy that is stored in these batteries to power up an electric motor. This motor turns a transmission, which then turns the wheels.

In contrast, a conventional car uses energy that is produced from stored fuel. Its fuel tank which stores petrol, supplies petrol to the engine, which turns a transmission which then turns the wheels.

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Should you switch to electric?

Although electric cars may seem like the car of the future, there are some downsides.

Some people worry that the car may eventually cost more to run than the standard car. Public power points used to be free of charge when powering up a vehicle, but with growing popularity, some points now can cost up to £7 for a half-hour of charging.

An electrical car on average is about £8000 more expensive than a conventional car. However, the government grants owners £5000 towards the cost of the car, and will aid in installing a charging system in their home.

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The hybrid option

Another option to consider is the hybrid car, which is a mix between a fuel-powered and an electric car. It contains a gasoline engine, fuel tank, electric motor, generator, batteries, and transmission.

The hybrid reduces fuel emissions while being capable of driving at least 300 miles before refueling, which an electric car is unable to do as it is limited to 50-100 miles between charges.

Overall, Hybrids are a great choice if you are looking to go green and save in running costs, but also want to do long distance traveling without the inconvenience of having to find a power point and wait for the car to be charged.

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