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Top 5 GPS trackers to keep your vehicle safe

2 Aug , 2015  

The use of car tracker systems is on the rise across the UK. Whether you need to track company vehicles, want to keep an eye on new and inexperienced drivers or simply want peace of mind that your vehicle could be recovered if stolen, almost everyone can make use of a good vehicle GPS tracker.

But with so much choice available in GPS trackers, how do you know which one will suit your purpose best? Here we look at the top 5 vehicle GPS trackers on the market today.

The Pro Fleetman

This wired to vehicle GPS tracker is one of the most cost effective tracking systems on the market. It is wired to your vehicle’s power source, which it draws its own power from, and emits live GPS tracking data which you can track on a PC, tablet or smartphone. This tracker is perfect for those who own a fleet of business vehicles and need to keep track of where they are at any given time. This tracker is easy to install and also comes with 2 lithium batteries so if it is ever disconnected from the vehicles power source it will still transmit GPS data for up to 7 days.

Pro Fleetman Tracking - carwitter

The Enforcer 4

Offering the longest battery life available this magnetic GPS tracker gives you 6 months’ worth of tracking between charges. The case of this covert tracker is water tight, airtight and crush proof and is attachable to the underside of any vehicle, plant machinery or metal casing. It can also be used inside crates or packaging should you need to track assets in transit. The Enforcer emits GPS tracking signals every 5 seconds and can send you alerts via SMS and email if you want to know if it moves or enters or leaves and area.

The Enforcer 4 Tracker - carwitter

The Razor

Introducing the slimmest live GPS tracker available. The small size of this tracker makes it extremely covert; it is even small enough to fit behind a car number plate. This tracker offers real time live GPS tracking information and is fully sealed and waterproof. It is a fantastic option for those who want to ensure their personal car can be recovered after a theft as it so small it is likely to go unnoticed by any potential thief.

The Bolt

The Bolt is a long life magnetic GPS tracker that is fully integrated into a robust fully waterproof case. Ideal for vehicle, agricultural machinery and even boat tracking, this GPS tracker has a battery life of up to 3 months between charges. If placed in stealth mode, it can emit 2 GPS locations per day for 2 years on a single charge. Movement alerts can be sent to you via email or SMS.

The Bolt Tracker - carwitter

Ultra Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker

This is the smallest and most versatile tracker available in the UK. This tracker is the size of a D battery and can be hidden just about anywhere in any type of vehicle or asset. It is encased in a sealed rubber casing making it fully waterproof and the magnets are of industrial strength, capable of holding 10x the weight of the tracking unit. Pinpoint GPS tracking is available worldwide so you can track it wherever it is, from wherever you are.

Mini Magnetic GPS Tracker - carwitter




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