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Volkswagen gesture control is here! – SPONSORED

22 Sep , 2015  

Gestures can mean a lot in life.


Earlier on in the year VW announced Gesture Control was coming to a Golf near you. Well now 4 months later it is nearing hitting the open road.

A 3D camera is mounted in the roof of the car near the rear view mirror. To activate gesture control you simply have to raise your hand aloft toward the center of the car, a menu will appear on the 13 inch infotainment screen letting you know your movements are being read.

You can then swipe, and push to scroll through menus and enter them. Clever stuff!

Gesture control can be used to operate the volume settings, temperature controls and sunroof operation instead of traditional controls.

Expect car interiors to become ever more sparse and minimalist a’la the current Audi TT. It is an interesting technology as anything that can help keep the driver focussed on the road is a good thing, although we cant help but think steering wheel mounted controls are still the way forward. It just depends how good this new system is at actually reading your gestures, it could all too quickly become a driving distraction in itself!



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