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Top 5 Used Prestige Cars On Finance

12 Nov , 2015  

For those of us who would love to drive away in a luxury prestige car, but haven’t got the cash for it, car finance is the next best option.

This way you can split the cost into manageable monthly payments, and drive away in a luxurious car that you may not have been able to afford before.

If you’re thinking about getting a prestige car on finance, we’ve had a look at some of the best cars to choose.

Audi A3 Sportback

The A3 is one of the cheapest prestige cars you can get on finance. It comes with a great range of strong and efficient engines, and is an all-round fantastic car.

Audi A3 Sportback - carwitter

The interior has been beautifully crafted, with enough space for 4 adults and a decently sized boot to match. On top of this, there’s a great Multi-Media Interface system which allows you to control major functions of the car with a central dial and a few buttons.

BMW 1 Series Convertible

Another cheap finance option if you’re looking for a luxury car is the BMW 1 Series. The 1 Series is an attractive and sleek car which offers drivers great driving performance and a classy image.

BMW 1 Series Convertible - carwitter

The main attraction of the 1 Series is how stylish it is, even with the roof down. The only downside is that although classy, the interior space is a little on the small side. However the 1 Series more than makes up for this with a fast and exciting driving experience.

Land Rover Freelander

If you’re looking for a luxury 4×4 to finance that is great value for money, then you should definitely have a look at the Freelander. This desirable 4×4 is at the top of its game when it comes to driving performance; with a smooth ride, comprehensive safety features, and fantastic off-road ability.

Land Rover Freelander 2 - carwitter

However it can still handle itself well on motorway trips. Entry level models come with a lot of kit, including alloy wheels, parking sensors, heated seats and windscreen, DAB radio and climate control.

Jaguar XF Saloon

The XF projects a slick and classy image, and would be fantastic as a business car. Although it’s not as cheap as some of the other finance options, you still get great value for money considering what’s included.

2014 Jaguar XFR-S Review - Side Angle Close - carwitter
With its dramatically styling, and equally stunning and sumptuous interior the XF is not only stylish and refined, but the performance is incredible, with a supple ride, accurate steering, agile handling and top notch grip. The XF is possibly one of the best company cars available on the market.

Porsche Cayman

If you’re willing to stretch your monthly budget a bit further, then you could get an absolutely sensational luxury car. The Porsche Cayman is an epic drive, and beautifully designed.

2014 Porsche Cayman Review - Rear Angle - carwitter

Whether you’re on the racetrack or simply driving to work, the Cayman will offer you an incredible driving experience. It’s not just speed you can expect with the Cayman, but control too, as the sportscar can easily tackle curves and bends smoothly, capably handling any obstacles in the road.



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