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Top 10 Worst Car Habits

1 Feb , 2016  

Whether we’re guilty of them ourselves, or we can’t stand seeing other people do them, check out the most common and worst driving habits for motorists.

  1. Tailgating
    There’s nothing more annoying than having another motorist driving directly behind you when you’re trying to drive safely. Luckily there’s no better feeling than having them overtake you and speed off, only for you to catch up with them at the lights a minute later.
  2. Texting and Driving
    There are plenty of ways you can be distracted when driving, and using your mobile whilst driving is the worst of them. Illegal though it may be, people everywhere still do it all the time; but taking your eyes off the road for even a second could be fatal. Pull over in a safe place if you urgently need to use your phone, otherwise place it on silent to minimise chances of distraction.
  3. Food in the Car
    Many of us love to grab a snack and drink that flask of morning coffee in the car, but this is just another cause of distracted driving, and can be just as dangerous if your hands aren’t always on the wheel. Plus, think of all the crumbs and the stale food smell afterwards.
  4. Reckless Driving
    Driving recklessly can be anything from forgetting to indicate, to severe road rage. Plenty of motorists are guilty of reckless driving, and it can be hugely dangerous. So remember to wear your seatbelt, obey speed limits, observe road rules, and keep a lid on any road anger issues.
  5. Excessive Beeping
    Technically, car horns should only be used to warn drivers of danger on the road. Not when you’re stuck in a traffic jam and want to repeatedly beep the horn because you’re bored, thus setting off every other driver to do the same. Listening to a chorus of horns in a traffic jam after work is not how we want to end our day.
  6. Bad Parking
    All of us hate bad parking, and it seems to be everywhere these days. Parking on double yellows, on other people’s driveways, in disabled parking spots, millimetres away from another car, or selfishly taking up two spaces. Don’t let it be you.
  7. Rundown Car
    Not looking after your car to the point where it becomes dangerous to you and others on the road? Not a good idea. If your car isn’t road-worthy, get it fixed or invest in a new one! Have a look at some car finance options and get yourself back into a safe car. There are plenty of cheap cars on finance to choose from, so there’s no excuse!
  8. Dirty Cars
    No passenger wants to climb into a filthy car that’s filled to the brim with wrappers, old cans, broken CDs, and an awful lingering smell that not even a hundred air fresheners can cover up. Drivers, keep your cars clean please.
  9. Drunk Driving
    Although hugely illegal and wildly dangerous, many people still seem to think they can get away with driving under the influence. Drink driving is the cause of roughly 3000 deaths a year in the UK alone. So if you see someone about to get behind the wheel drunk, do them a favour and call a taxi.
  10. Backseat Driver
    Unfortunately we’ve all been driving with a passenger who simply cannot keep their opinions to themselves. Whether it’s commenting on our driving speed, pointing out mistakes, or telling us our directions are wrong and they know a better way. Don’t worry though, you can always drown out a noisy backseat driver by turning up the music.

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