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What’s The Best Car To Survive The Apocalypse?

4 Apr , 2016  

We may often joke with our friends about what we’d do in the event of an apocalypse. Whether it’s a zombie invasion, pandemic, asteroid strike or aliens.

However, it seems that one of the key elements of surviving is making sure you can make a quick exit in your car! After all, no one wants to be trekking across the country on foot. So we decided to have a look at the best possible cars that will increase your life expectancy during the apocalypse.

It’s always good to be prepared right?


2015 Honda Civic 1.6 iDtec Review - Front Angle - Carwitter

Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC

In the event of a world-ending situation, chances are petrol stations will soon run out and be few and far in between.
That’s why making sure your car has great fuel economy is really important, because you probably won’t have many chances to fill up the tank!

That’s why the Honda Civic (with its 1.6 litre diesel engine) would be the perfect choice for getting as many miles as you can. You’ll get roughly 67mpg which is quite impressive.


Geneva Motor Show 2016 - Bugatti Chiron - Front - carwitter

Bugatti Chiron

Although we don’t know what we might have to outdrive during the apocalypse, it’s safe to say that you’ll need the fastest car there is to outrun everyone else. We’re pretty sure you’d be able to do just that with the recently unveiled Bugatti Chiron.

On legal settings, the Chiron can reach 261mph, but on the track, the Chiron is aiming to break the 271mph speed record which was set by the Hennessey Venom GT.


VW T2 Camper Van - carwitter


Volkswagen Camper Van

Just because there’s an apocalypse going on, doesn’t mean that you can’t travel around the globe with a bit of retro chic style! If you need something versatile, the VW T2 Van not only does this, but also doubles up as a travelling home too!
You’ve got something to sleep in, cook your food, and store your belongings. This means you can travel to a safe destination without worrying about finding places to sleep or cook.

2016 Isuzu D-Mac Fury Pick Up - carwitter


Isuzu D-Max Pick-Up

Most of us will want to stock up on the essentials during the apocalypse, such as food, shelter, weapons and other items which may be too bulky to carry. Chances are you won’t be able to fit this into a mini cooper!

That’s why getting yourself into an Isuzu D-Max, or other similar pick-up, is a smart idea, to make sure you have all the room you need for you, your lucky passengers, and all your essential apocalypse equipment.



Land Rover Defender

Survive the apocalypse just like Tomb Raider in a Land Rover Defender. This iconic car is a great all-terrain vehicle, which means that no matter where you travel, whether it’s hills, mountains or muddy slopes, the Defender will endure and get you safely from point a to b.

This legendary car will also be able to barge its way through most small obstacles and keep you safe at the same time!


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