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5 Reasons to Consider a Fast Van

14 Apr , 2016  

Whether you’re after a brand new or second-hand van for personal or professional purposes, there are many advantages of looking for a fast van for your next vehicle. Speed is normally associated with cars and motorbikes but there are a large number of nippy vans out there with petrol, diesel and even a few hybrid engines.

There are many advantages of running a faster van over a regular or slower version. The majority of vans are seen as slower due to their heavier size, so it can be refreshing for van drivers to have a quicker vehicle. Here are a few reasons to buy a fast van next time:

  1. Decrease Delivery Times

The main advantage of having a fast van is that theoretically it should be able to make journeys a lot quicker. While speeding is never advocated, and some vans do have different speed limits to cars, this is incredibly useful when it is used for business purposes and you’re is running late 😉


  1. Increased Reliability

Faster vans can often be more reliable with their bigger, beefier engines, and they also increase the reliability for your business by preventing future breakdowns leading to late deliveries or other setbacks. The cost can be higher for the initial purchase but considering there should be fewer issues in the future it can work out more cost-effective in the super long term

  1. Can be Cheaply Insured

The increased reliability can lead to cheaper van insurance even if it has a faster 0-62 time than many other vans. If you are using the van for business purposes then it is vital that the correct business insurance is taken out. Otherwise there are other ways to reduce the price of van insurance by advertising on the side, adding named drivers and making it as secure as possible.


  1. Fun to Drive

Again, this is not advocating speeding but driving a more powerful, quicker van is a lot more enjoyable than one that is slow to get off the mark. Having a bit of increased torque when pulling away from traffic lights is way more fun than feeling like you need to get out and push!

  1. Preventing Hold-ups

Big, heavy and slow vans can cause other traffic to slow down, especially on single carriageways where speed is limited and when travelling uphill. Avoiding this with a van that is capable of tackling steep inclines without significantly slowing down will not only please other road users, but it will also make you feel a lot safer rather than being a hindrance.




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