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7 Reasons Why You Will Fall In Love With The Volkswagen Scirocco R

7 Jun , 2016  

Die-hard VW fans will remember when the ‘original’ Scirocco came out back in 1974. They might even have had more than a passing interest in the second generation from the 80s.

But, it’s the third generation that has made the most impact to vee-dub enthusiasts.

2014 VW Scirocco front 3  - carwitter

Launched in 2008, the latest model has been a familiar sight on our roads. You’re likely to come across it in Europe and other international markets. VW reported that sales are still going strong for the current generation.

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One special trim is memorable among the current line-up. The Volkswagen Scirocco R is what you might deem a “hot hatch” and for good reason.

It looks great and has the performance you need under the bonnet. If you’re thinking of buying a powerful hatch soon, these 7 reasons will compel you to buy the Scirocco R!

2014 VW Scirocco - carwitter


  1. It’s not a Golf

Don’t get me wrong; the Volkswagen Golf is a best-seller for the German marque. Still, not everyone wants to buy one. To cater for those that want a sleek coupe, VW has brought out the Scirocco. The “R” version is the best spec you can buy.


  1. It’s not an expensive car to buy

You may have seen the Scirocco advertised in some new Volkswagen offers from dealerships. Even at its standard pricing, the R is a hot hatch that won’t leave a hole in your wallet. That’s part of the reason many people have bought them in the past!

2014 VW Scirocco rear 3  - carwitter


  1. It’s got a beast under the bonnet

As standard, the Volkswagen Scirocco R comes with a 2.0-litre TSI engine. It boasts an impressive 261 brake horsepower out of the factory. Plus, it’ll get you from zero to 60mph in only 5.8 seconds. Those specs alone will tempt hot hatch buyers to the Scirocco R!


  1. You can even get an automatic version

Let’s face it. More of us prefer to drive automatic vehicles than manual ones. They are brilliant for city driving, especially in start-stop traffic.

Plus, they are more efficient to use these days than older auto gearboxes. The Scirocco R is available with Volkswagen’s “DSG” dual-clutch automatic.


  1. It handles like a champ

It’s plain to see that the Volkswagen Scirocco R has a wide body. But, does it have barge-like handling as a result? Absolutely not! That’s because the car has a firm yet comfortable suspension setup. Also, it has a lower centre of gravity.

2014 VW Scirocco rear  - carwitter


  1. Those aggressive looks are memorable

The thing about the Golf is that it doesn’t look “mean” – even if you opted for the Golf R trim. But, the Scirocco R (and all trims for that matter) does as standard! When you drive one of these cars, you’re telling the world that you mean business!


  1. Timeless design

One of the things that draw me to the Scirocco R is its timeless design. Here is a car that will look great in ten, twenty and even thirty years’ time! This is a vehicle that you should keep as an investment.

2014 VW Scirocco side  - carwitter



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