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Women Vs Men perspectives on Car Buying & Driving

16 Aug , 2016  

Men and women differ in their views when buying a used car

A recent survey carried out by My Car Check, a used car checker service, has revealed that women much prefer to buy a car based on the total cost of ownership over anything else.

Women were most influenced by sale price, then fuel efficiency and running costs. In contrast, after sale price, men were most influenced by style, power and features. Both genders ranked safety as a lower priority.

When it came to what they felt most uncomfortable dealing with during the buying process, women highlighted the physical inspection as the main issue. Common amongst both sexes, this element has long been an issue for used car buyers, particularly with used car dealers having a negative stereotype around their trustworthiness. With the quality of used cars increasing and the age of used cars decreasing, this may become less of a worry for buyers.

Men on the other hand felt most uncomfortable negotiating the sale price of the car. With many valuation tools available and increasingly more used car retailers adopting a “no haggle necessary” policy to pricing, it is hoped that this issue may reduce in significance too.

Other interesting outtakes from the survey are the two sexes views of their driving ability. Significantly more men feel they are “good” drivers compared to women, however both feel equally frustrated by one-way systems!

Buying a used vehicle without first carrying out a check is taking a huge risk. Never buy a used car vehicle without checking its history first by downloading the My Car Check app (available on iOS or Android devices), texting the reg to 83600 or visiting




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