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Preparing your car for winter

30 Aug , 2016  

There are different requirements for your car, and tires, depending on the season.

In some climates there is quite a bit of preparation to do before the winter season. But even if you live in milder climates there can be a few points to consider before winter comes.


Use the right tires

Rain, snow and ice significantly change the conditions of driving, and your safety depends on good preparations. The main thing is of course that you have the right tires!

Today there are many options for tires in the winter. Depending on the conditions where you live, you may want to choose traditional winter tires (studded or not) or all-season tires.

If you live somewhere where you don’t get snow, but there are places near by where you may encounter snow, you will want to carry snow chains. A good online shop for all of your tire needs is Tyres Outlet.

Winter Tyres - Snow On Wheels

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Maximize overall condition

Additionally there are some other things to think about when preparing your car for winter.

  • Make a winter supply box to keep in your car. This can include things like a flashlight, blankets, a bag of sand (for extra traction), snacks etc. Prepare it according to the worst possible weather in your area.
  • Make sure your engine coolant and anti-freeze levels are ok. Especially the anti-freeze is crucial for keeping the engine running in the winter.
  • Change to a winter windshield wiper fluid. An ordinary fluid can freeze during winter, making it impossible for you to use the wiper fluid to get rid of ice and snow on your windshield.
  • Check your windshield wipers and change them if they are worn. There are even sturdier wipers made especially for winter conditions.
  • Switch your engine oil to winter-grade oil. In colder weather you want the oil to be thinner. Check for a lower viscosity.
Winter Tyres - Snowy Road

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Keep an eye on tire conditions

These are just the most important things to think about. Additionally you might want to invest in a car cover to protect your cars paint job etc.

Also, as always, make sure you have the right tire pressure and tread depth, for best possible traction during the winter season.


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