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What do people look for when buying a used car?

7 Sep , 2016  

If you’re currently trying to sell your car, then you’re hoping to get the highest possible price. To achieve that it’s good to know what prospective buyers are after when looking for their new cars.

Let’s just cover some of the basics, the bare bones that people are looking for when purchasing a car.



Reliability is hard to quantify, but at the very least it’s for the ability of a car to perform well and not break down or have constant faults.

The best way you can do this is to just look after the damn thing! Make sure you have it serviced regularly, fix any problems as quickly as possible and just pay the money.

Auto Mechanic - carwitter

Most of the time people are super tight when it comes to cars. They expect that it will last years without needing any major work, then when things need fixing they either leave it until it becomes worse or do it as cheaply as possible.

Some brands are just more reliable than others. A six year old Fiat is going to be less reliable than the same age Toyota, this does very on a case by case basis obviously. But on the whole these stereotypes conform.

For more on reliability, and the best brands check this out.



Comfort can seemingly be out of your control, but its not just the cars ride, or its interior quality as it was from the factory. It’s making sure the interior looks smart and presentable.

If the seat is ripped, or the leather is cracking it may be worth finding a second hand pair of seat in better condition, this would put far fewer buyers off and you can probably ask more for the car overall.

Peugeot 207 GT Seat

If switches are broken, or trim is hanging off inside get it replaced. It could be a tiny thing that potentially puts a buyer off regardless of whether someone is seeing it in person or on!



This is something that is very much down to the individual, a hot hatch with no legroom in the rear isn’t going to appeal to a family. But there are a few things you can do.

Make sure all your belongings are out of the car, don’t leave the boot full of old crap, or towels for the dog in the front footwell.

Peugeot 207 GT Dash

Check to see if all of the seats slide forward and back as they should, do they still recline?

Does the boot stay up, or does it slowly fall down onto your head? If so get the boot struts replaced.

It’s not always possible to make your car more spacious than it is, you can’t build an extension after all…but the little things make sure it keeps its original practicality.


It’s all about maintenance and making sure your car is the best example the prospective buyer comes to view.



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