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The Best Mercedes You Can Buy Used

27 Sep , 2016  

Mercedes-Benz are known around the world for their heritage, but, as with most things in life, this kind of quality rarely comes cheap.

If the latest and greatest is out of your price range, though, there’s no need to despair. Why not consider shopping on the used market instead? Here are three of the best options, whatever your budget.


A-Class, from £12,000

While the Mercedes A-Class has long been seen as the manufacturer’s entry-model, that doesn’t mean that it should be ignored. In 2012, the Stuttgart-based manufacturer introduced the all-new third-generation, a much sleeker and more modern alternative to the tall and boxy vehicle that came before it.




With features like Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone integration coming as standard on even the most basic models, the new A-Class is primarily designed for younger drivers.

The A180 is the most practical option, sporting an official mpg rating of 78.5 with fuel emissions of 92g/km.

A used merc like this can be found for around £12,00 now, representing a significant saving over its original £20,000 asking price.





CLS-Class, from £12,000

For those that were hoping for a little more luxury, you can also find good deals on premium vehicles from the CLS range. This has typically stood above the E-Class in the company’s portfolio, which is often the number one choice for executives looking to impress.




First generation vehicles, made from 2004 to 2010, were known for their reliability, particularly the CLS55 AMG which was available with a 5.4-litre, supercharged V8 that could hit 0-60mpg in under five seconds.

While finding an example in good condition may prove to be more difficult, you shouldn’t expect to pay more than £12,000 for a good example. When buying, always make sure that the seller has a complete record of the vehicle’s service history.




S-Class, from £20,000

For over fifty years, the S-Class has not only been the flagship range for Mercedes, but it’s also laid claim to being the best car in the world on a number of occasions.

The amount of detail and craftsmanship means that almost any model you’ll find is bound to feel like an improvement, even over many cars currently being released.




However, the S-Class isn’t just about good looks. Over the years, it’s also been the place that Mercedes would choose to debut its most advanced new technologies like night vision.

Today, used S350 CDIs from 2013 can be purchased for around £20,000. These more modern, BlueTec diesel engines will result in much lower running costs over the long-haul.





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