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Forget These Auto Maintenance Myths!

13 Oct , 2016  

We all love driving here, and as such we want our cars to stay in the best condition possible. However, even with the best intentions, a lot of drivers can be doing more harm than good by blindly going along with certain car maintenance myths.

If you’re like most people, you could have been believing any number of myths about auto maintenance, and effectively pouring money down the drain! Here are just a few of the most damaging car myths which you need to avoid.


All mechanics are more or less the same

If there’s one thing that strains a driver’s wallet more than anything else, it’s their own sense of apathy. Sure, you’ll be able to get the same work done in almost any garage. However, the differences in the way they do business can have a massive impact on the money you’re spending at the end of the day.

Some mechanics will go out of their way to look for relatively minor issues, and make it sound like you can’t legally drive without an extra service. Others will be totally honest, but employ incompetent or inexperienced workers, meaning that you’ll just have to come back in a month!

Don’t assume that all mechanics are created equal; they aren’t. Make sure you look for impartial reviews, and using comparison tools like Whocanfixmycar clutch repair quotes.


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You should inflate tyres according to what the sidewalls tell you

Despite what you may think, that pounds-per-square inch (PSI) number on the sidewall of your tyres is the maximum amount of pressure the tyre can hold. It is not the manufacturer’s recommended pressure, which is what you should be using.

The car maker’s recommended pressure is calculated for the best possible balance of braking, mileage, comfort and handling. Three out of four of these will affect the amount you spend on keeping your car on the road, and the other one will just affect how pleasant your car is to drive!

You’ll usually find the recommended pressure on the doorjamb, petrol-filler flap, or the glove box. Follow this in the future, and forget about the numbers on your tyre sidewalls.




Air con is bad for fuel economy

Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of debates about whether you should drive with air con, or simply open some windows in order to save petrol. For a long time, the answer was a total mystery to me, but now I know these arguments are totally redundant.

Yes, it’s technically true that using your air con will put more of a strain on the engine. However, tests have found that this can only cause a miniscule difference in fuel economy, which is barely measurable when you stack it up against keeping the windows open.

If you’ve been getting bugs in your teeth because you wanted to save on petrol, then those days are over! Unless you’re dead set on saving about 10p a month, you can stop worrying about using air con.


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