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What To Look For In The Perfect City Car

13 Oct , 2016  

These days, the car world is full of so many sub-categories. We have family cars, first cars, sports cars, etc. Today, I want to talk about a very popular category, the city car. City cars are ideal for people that live in busy cities and need a vehicle to get around every day.

But, what I’m interested in is finding out what makes the perfect city car. I came up with a few points, and made a note of them down below:



To start things off, let’s think about the performance of an ideal city car. You’ll be looking for something very specific indeed. The perfect city car will have great handling, be easy to control the acceleration, and have precise brakes. These are the main performance aspects you’ll need in a car like this.

It’s all about maneuverability when it comes to city cars. Forget about engine size and horsepower, that’s completely irrelevant in this discussion. You want a car that’s easy to drive and feels very responsive.


2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review - Front Scene - carwitter



The size of a city car is extremely important. In fact, I’d say the size is what sets this category apart from the rest. City cars are supposed to be small, that’s the whole idea behind them. You have small vehicles that can get around the city and part in tight places.

Think about cars like the Peugeot 108 and Toyota Yaris as examples of the perfect sized city cars. I’d even advise you to steer clear of cars like the VW Polo and Ford Fiesta. They’re hardly large, but, they’re not small enough to be the perfect city car.


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Along with size, you have to think about storage. Yes, you want a small car, but, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a decent amount of storage inside. What you’re looking for is enough boot space to keep your shopping and any things you bring to work. This makes the car practical, and ideal for the modern city worker.



Usually, car gearboxes aren’t that big of an issue. Some people like to drive a manual, others prefer driving an automatic. When talking about city cars, there is a clear path you must go down. The perfect city car will probably have an automatic ‘box, there’s no doubt about it.

Why? Because city driving involves a lot of stopping and starting and creeping through traffic. With an automatic, you can cope with this so much easier. And, it’s healthier on the transmission too.




Environmental Impact

There are many busy cities that are discouraging people from driving their cars, due to the huge environmental impact they have.

If you want a perfect city car, then it needs to be eco-friendly. As such, we see a lot of electric/hybrid city cars burst onto the market. They’re ideal as they can cut CO2 emissions quite drastically. If you’ve got a petrol engine that eats up a lot of fuel, it won’t make for a very good city car.

Go through each of these points, and you’ll soon find yourself the perfect city car. It’s the perfect vehicle for anyone residing in a bustling city these days.


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