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Top 5 Tyre Facts You Never Knew

18 Oct , 2016  

As a car fanatic, you might think you know everything about car tires at this point. But, we’re willing to bet that you don’t, and we’ve got five facts that might just surprise you. These facts serve to not only increase your knowledge on the subject but help you to manage your tires more effectively in the future.


1. Millions Of Tires Are Discarded Every Year

While that fact might not surprise you, you might be more impressed by what they’re used for later on.

Many of these tires are recycled for asphalt purposes, and they’re used to create the road surfaces we drive on. Yes – you’re probably driving on old tires on a regular basis. Old tires are also used for a variety of additional purposes including construction materials!


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2. Tires Are Naturally White

You might not believe it, but tires aren’t naturally black like they appear to be. The reason for the black appearance of modern tires is due to the adding of carbon to the rubber.

In more recent years, this has actually been replaced with silica in some cases, but the colour has remained. The original purpose of the carbon material was to add durability and longevity to each tire.




3. Spare Tires Are Dying Out

A lot of things can go wrong with our tires, and we seek the help of auto repair companies like Diesel Works & Auto when they do. But, we also need assistance when we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, and we’ve got a flat tire. This is why we’ve grown used to the idea of replacing it with a spare tire in the trunk of our car.

According to AAA Newsroom, spare tires are starting to disappear. It’s mentioned that tire inflation kits have replaced the spare tire in a whole host of cases, aiming to improve fuel economy in the process.




4. There Are Potentially Hundreds Of Materials In Any One Tire

You probably know about the obvious materials used in the creation of a tire, such as rubber and steel belts. However, tires can potentially include masses of materials at a time, depending on the type you’re using. They all assist in improving the way a tire reacts to certain situations.

Also, tire manufacturers are continuously finding ways to use materials to reduce the cost of developing tires.


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5. Flower Power Tires

Continental Tire is a famous tire developing brand, and it made the headlines recently with its flower power tires. In an effort to reduce the reliance on rubber, the company has produced and tested tires that use the power of dandelions.

Yes, you’re reading this correctly! The tread of the tire is made from 100% dandelion natural rubber as a polymer. According to the company, it hopes to start producing these tires for consumer purposes in the next five to ten years.
We rely so heavily on our car tires that it’s easy to take them for granted. They’re fascinating things, and it’ll be interesting to see how they develop in years to come.





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