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Top 5 Halloween Cars

24 Oct , 2016  

So you’re off to a Halloween party in a few days time. You can’t decide what to go as, nobody ever can…but what vehicle should you turn up in?

With the pagan celebration nearing closer we take a look at the top 5 cars that would rock any Halloween party.



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1 – ECTO-1 – Ghostbusters

Obviously we had to start with the Ghostbusters classic, ECTO-1.

It was built on a Miller-Meteor Futura Ambulance, Hearse platform which used a 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood, it was purchased second hand and had numerous repairs made to it, from shocks, exhausts to a whole new rear end before it was ready for filming.

Conversion was carried out by Stephen Dane, he started the project on October 5th 1983. By just October 19th the project was halfway there before it was shipped to New York.
Originally a 1975 caddy was purchased for $600, but the older model was favoured and due to inflation during filming the cost rocketed from $1,400 to $4,800.

A second Cadillac was acquired in case any running spares were needed, it was mainly used for premodification scenes in the film and never fully converted.

In 1984 it was used to promo the film, whilst being driven around NY it caused numerous accidents with a ghost buster in full costume at the wheel.




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2 – Plymouth Rock – Mad Max Fury Road

Looking like a porcupine the main car from the latest Mad Max film was designed by Colin Gibson, along with 150 other vehicles.

Based on a 1937 Plymouth Rock sedan the chassis was actually based on a MAN 6×6 tractor lorry unit. There are 1,757 steel spikes embedded all over it, the exact same as the Australian anteater…such detail.

All stunts were performed for real where practically possible, any CGI that was involved was used to clean up the scene, ie remove safety and camera equipment.




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3 – Tumbler – Batman Trilogy

The Tumbler is just totally bad ass. Coming from Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy the Tumbler is capable of 100 MPH, it was designed and built in the UK by a team of 20.

Created by Nathan Crowley and a team of designers the hard part was taking the Styrofoam model into the real deal. Trying to work out the mechanical side of it was a massive headache.

Being completely one off, no part on the vehicle has been taken from another car. The power house though is a 5.7 litre Chevrolet lump, pushing out around 400 BHP.

A 20% scale size was used to accurately film the flying scenes, but the jumps and speeds sequences were all shot using the full sized version.

The jet engine version of the Tumbler was also real, it used multiple propane tanks attached to the vehicle, rather than adding it in during post.




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4 – Peterbilt 281 – Duel

This was Spilbergs first mainstream film, pre Jaws even. The 1955 truck was chosen for its more face like appearance instead of the newer cab over engine models.

It was powered by a Cummns NTC 350 turbo charged engine with a 5 speed main gearbox, it also had a 3 speed auxiliary ‘box. It could haul up to 30 tons at speeds of 75-80 MPH.

In total three trucks were purchased, the original one ended up going over a cliff in one take. Only one survives, and it’s currently on display at Brad’s Trucks in North Carolina.




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5 – Jeep Wrangler YP – Jurassic Park

Now this is a bit left field…but the Jurassic Park Jeeps are just cool as fcuk. Rocking up in one of those to any Halloween party is sure to get you noticed.

Built on 1993 Jeep Wranglers there have been a number of fan made replicas. JP18 lives in Colarado, JP12 in NY, JP 29 in Oregon and JP 15 in Texas. None in the UK…yet.

If you want to build your own the 92 – 95 models are best, 92 – 94 Jeep Wrangler Saharas are the ones used in the films though.


These are a great selection of other scary looking cars on the market right now and are easily available on a variety of car lease deals. If you do fancy another car to take on a night drive on Halloween, check out some of the best lease deals here.



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