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10 Car Repairs Best Left To The Professionals

29 Oct , 2016  

When your car is in need of repair it’s not always easy to determine whether the professionals should handle it.

You want to save as much money as possible. The best way to do that is to get involved yourself. But, it’s not worth putting your health or car in danger for the sake saving a few pounds. 

So, we’re going to use this opportunity to go through ten very different types of car repairs that only professionals should deal with. But, we’ll also give you a few tips on how to reduce the costs of a professional job should you need it.


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Reducing The Cost

OK, so let’s say that you’re in a position where you can’t try and physically fix this problem yourself. You’re going to have to go to someone else, but you want to keep the cost down.

In the first instance, it’s all about finding the best mechanics and garages in the local area. Google is your friend, with most local places now being reviewed across the web. Reviews can help you avoid dubious mechanics and find the best ones instead, the internet is an invaluable research tool. And, don’t forget to check with friends and family about their recommendations.

Just because you’re not fixing the problem yourself, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research it. By equipping yourself with the right knowledge, you can lower the cost substantially.

It all starts with the parts you need. You can find brakes online as well as things like timing belts, giving you a good idea of what the price should be. Some mechanics might even be willing for you to provide the parts yourself, jus tmake sure you get the right bits.

Once you have a good idea of how much the repair should cost, you can start negotiating for the best deal.

The internet is generally your best tool for everything in regards to lowering the cost. YouTube can be helpful in determining how a repair is carried out and how labor-intensive it might be.

And, mentioning the name ‘Yelp’ or ‘TripAdvisor’ to a mechanic might just scare them out of fleecing you for your money.


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The List

OK, it’s time to get started. The following repairs require expertise and skill to be carried out. Without the right skill set, those who start a repair like this might actually make the problem a lot worse. Which can result in additional costs, the more damaging prospect is what it can do to your health. Unqualified mechanics put their lives in danger when they get involved with highly-technical repairs. You have been



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1 – Windscreen Repair

The big problem with a windscreen repair is that it looks so simple to the naked eye. Ultimately, professional mechanics can replace a windscreen with ease, making you wonder if the cost is really worth it. Well, it is.

Even the tiniest of cracks in glass can provide a huge safety hazard that you need to be wary of. It’s an issue that you can’t leave to sit for long, or it’ll just get a whole lot worse.

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t do this on your own. The tools you need won’t cost much less than paying a professional, and cheap DIY kits often don’t last very long and can be incredibly messy.




2- Timing Belt

Replacing the timing belt isn’t something that every car owner will be faced. But, if you own a car from new until the day it dies, you’ll probably come into contact with this job.

The timing belt is a critical element of your car’s operation, and a poor installation job will kill your car. Unfortunately, a repair like this is not only costly but horrendously difficult. In many cases, it requires the mechanic to take the top half of the engine apart. This is something an inexperienced person definitely shouldn’t get involved with. Even the slightest of mistakes can render a car completely useless, causing serious damage.


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3 – Bodywork Repair

Now, we’re not talking about basic chips and dents that need covering up when it comes to this point. You can obviously repair those yourself with a little DIY.

But, when bodywork issues become much more than a slight scratch, the task bcomes much harder. Replacing the bodywork and getting involved with paint can go wrong very easily. It can leave your car with poor coverage and finish. It should also be mentioned that a task like this potentially exposes you to harmful fumes.

Best leave it to the experts.




4 – Brakes

Well, you don’t want to get your brakes wrong, do you?! It’s not actually impossible for a somewhat competent auto mechanic to get involved in this.

You could change your brakes yourself, and whether you should depends on your level of expertise. The reason we’re including it in this list is because you simply can’t afford to get this wrong.

Malfunctioning brakes are one of the worst safety hazards you can find on a car, but you didn’t need us to tell you that. Brake pads, calipers, discs and more need to be considered as part of the job. If you have caliper winders by all means, take control of the task for yourself, but hand over the reigns if you don’t feel comfortable.


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5 – Sound System Installation

This is yet another one that gets the eyes rolling, with many wondering why this can’t be done by anyone. They have a point. Installing a new stereo setup is one of the easier things to get involved with on this list. The big problem with this, which includes radio and DVD player installation, is the electrical aspect.

When you’re working with electrical wiring, you’re required to know what you’re doing. Failing to wire the system up correctly can actually short circuit the electrical system.

Depending on the type of car, it can also be a complex job. You’ll find that some services offer a free fitting service when you buy a stereo system, so consider taking advantage of them.


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6 – Gearbox Repair

We’re back to the truly complex stuff! Fixing a gearbox is arguably one of the most complicated parts of a car. Under no circumstances should an untrained mechanic be getting involved with this.

The problem with gearbox repair is that it’s a very costly procedure. This leads to all sorts of unqualified people taking on the task for themselves, with disastrous results.

There are thousands of complex elements involved with a transmission, from cogs to circlips pinions to gaskets. A small task like changing your gearbox oil is a lot harder than you might expect.




7 – ECU Fixes

When it comes to computer repairs, anyone who doesn’t feel technically able should probably stay away. While we might like to unleash our inner detective and take on the task ourselves, we could cause problems along the way.

The chances of actually finding the problem are far less when compared to the technology used by trained professionals, even if you can use a multimeter. And, when we start messing with tuning options to enhance our driving experience, we might enter the point of no return.

It’s easy to get overexcited and end up causing severe issues that need an expert’s assistance to resolve.




7 – Fuel Pump Replacement

With regards to any part on your car that provides it with its basic needs, you need to repair it correctly. Failing to do so can leave the vehicle in an unrepairable state, potentially putting it on the scrap heap.

Yet again, we’ve got an example of this in the form of the fuel pump. This is what pushes fuel through to the injector at the right pressure. As you can imagine, the expense required to replace something like this can be hefty.

It’s not an easy repair to take on for yourself, and getting it wrong can be catastrophic.




8 – Head Gasket

An overheating engine can lead to a variety of problems, but arguably none are as complexed as a blown head gasket. Yet again, the cost of repairing something like this can go into the thousands, depending on the car.

It’s not only critical in order for your engine to work correctly, but incredibly tough to repair. In fact, a job like this can take many, many hours to complete for even the most experienced of professionals.

You will damage your engine if you get this repair wrong, and you might just cause yourself some harm in the process.

If you’re not willing to fork out the funds required for an expensive task like this, you might want to relegate the car to the scrap heap.


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10 – Air Conditioning Repair

Alright, so repairing your air conditioning is theoretically possible, but it’s not a good idea. You can get an easy top-up kit for a low price from retailers, but it often doesn’t solve the problem.

Often, poor A/C performance relates to either a leak or a need to recharge the system. The latter will cost a fair amount to simply obtain the tools you need, while the former is a complex issue.

Air conditioning repair isn’t all that expensive, so it’s often better to bypass the lengthy home diagnostic process and find a deal on Groupon!




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