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Motoring offences and their penalties

31 Oct , 2016  

There are many types of motoring offence these days, and as technology improves and our lives change, there seem to be more rules, regulations and ways of enforcing them than ever before.

In today’s post, we’re looking at some of the most common offences which occur on the roads today. Aside from the many motoring lawyers who can help, hopefully this post should give you an idea of what your chances are of defending yourself against them if you’re ever charged with one yourself.




Driving without insurance 

If you are caught driving a vehicle that is not insured, a fixed penalty of 6 points and a £200.00 fine may be offered by the police.

If the case reaches Court, on conviction the offence normally carries 6-8 points and a fine of up to 150 % of a person’s net weekly income. There may be a defence of the person accused of the offence was driving in the course of their employment, did not own the vehicle concerned and believed the vehicle was insured.




Causing or permitting the use of a vehicle without insurance carries the same penalty as driving without insurance. In practice this offence can be a difficult one for the police to prove.

It may also be possible to argue special reasons in order to avoid endorsement of points on your licence if, for example, there was a genuine and reasonably held belief that insurance was in place.



Mobile phone use 

This particular law has been in the headlines recently, as the government has decided to double the penalty as of 2017.

If you are caught with a device in your hand then a fixed penalty of 6 points and a £200 fine may be offered.

The best defence here is to immediately contact your service provider for a record of all incoming and outgoing messages, calls and so on during that time.




However, in more serious cases where an accident has occurred or the standard of their driving was affected as a result of the mobile phone use, whoever commits the offence could also be prosecuted for careless and dangerous driving.



Failure to stop and report and accident

This is one of the most problematic offences, as many people charged do not even realise there was an accident.

Most people aren’t aware that if they’re involved in an accident, however minor, it carries an obligation to stop and provide details to the other people involved, or report the accident to the police.


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Depending on the crime, the penalty can be 5-10 points. A custodial sentence can be imposed but this is normally reserved for the most serious cases where injuries have occurred.

Legal representation is absolutely vital for this kind of offence, as you will need to defend your position if you were genuinely unaware of the accident.


Have you ever been charged with a motoring offence? Share your experiences by leaving a comment below.





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