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Volkswagen Touareg: A Viable Alternative To The Porsche Cayenne?

2 Nov , 2016  

Everyone knows that Porsche is a brand associated with premium motoring. From the iconic 911 to the cavernous Cayenne, all Porsche models are something a bit special.

It takes a lot for a competing brand to come up with a model that could rival any Porsche models.

But, one marque has done just that. And, surprisingly, it’s Volkswagen – Porsche’s parent company!

The maker of the “people’s car” want to offer something similar to the Cayenne but for less money. And this is where the Volkswagen Touareg comes in. So, is the Touareg a viable alternative to the popular Porsche Cayenne?


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It’s mostly the same car

Most people know that Volkswagen shares its engineering technology among its subsidiary brands. What you might not know is that the basic frame is the same between the two models. It’s the bolt-on bits that differ between them.

With Porsche, you pay for the premium components and engine technology in their cars. In fact, it’s the same case with VW; it’s just the price is lower with them!

The point about the chassis being the same is one of safety. Both VW and Porsche spend a lot of money on R&D when it comes to road safety. If a chassis is good enough to get used on a Porsche, you’ll know it’s just as safe on a VW-branded model!


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The Touareg feels more refined on the road

When you buy a Porsche, you end up with a car that is powerful from the outset. You also have a vehicle that can tackle a range of driving scenarios. The Volkswagen Touareg is a more refined beast in comparison to the Cayenne. The emphasis isn’t so much on power, but more on driver comfort and convenience.

Having said that, the Touareg is no slouch on the road! There are a plethora of engine and gearbox combinations open to you, including a hybrid model. The most popular option by far is the 3.0-litre V6 TDI, which boasts between 240-258 bhp.

According to dealers such as Saxton 4×4, the Touareg is more at home on the road than off it. Yes, it’s a capable car, but it’s not one designed for high-speed motoring in the twisties!




The price is significantly lower

Regardless of what car you want to buy, it ultimately comes down to the cost of it. You don’t need to make an online comparison to know the Touareg is cheaper than the Cayenne…

Despite the lower price tag, you still end up with a high-quality premium vehicle. Volkswagen doesn’t build cars that have poor build quality. In fact, you won’t find such an issue in any of its subsidiary brands (yes, even Skoda)! Whether you need such a car for home or business use, the Touareg is an attractive option.


2014 Volkswagen Touareg interior - carwitter


Should you buy a Touareg or a Cayenne?

In essence, both cars get built from the same platform as described earlier. But, both cars offer different things in some respects.

The Touareg is aimed at people that want premium quality motoring at affordable prices. Meanwhile, the Cayenne is a car for Porsche enthusiasts that want to test their vehicle to its limits. The one you choose will depend on what you want out of a car.





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