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A smart watch for off roading?

3 Nov , 2016  

TomTom really are into every tech market these days, from action cameras to their faithful Sat Nav’s they are carving a share for themselves.

But what about their latest Adventurer Outdoor Watch?

It’s a bit of a strange pitch, but we think it would fit in perfectly with the green laning outdoorsy types that you are.

Forget about the sports tracking, this thing can track in real time the altitude, speed, and 3D distance you have travelled. Perfect for timing your run up the lane and how high you’ve climbed.

If the going gets a little hairy you can check out how stressed you became with the built in heart rate monitor.




You can also plan routes and trails with it so you know where you’re going and won’t get lost coming back from the middle of the wilderness.

With every piece of connected tech these days you can sync your data to the cloud via the TomTom MySports companion app…it would help you keep track of where you’ve been.

Happen to get stuck? Not to worry, its water resistant up to 40 metres and tough enough to withstand knocks and scrapes whilst you winch yourself out of a spot.




To get the most out of the investment you may have to be a bit of a Bear Grylls kinda guy, as it can track fitness, calories burned and the like. Which will naturally happen as your forearms build driving the Defender through through the woods, but you may not fully the watches full potential that way.

It may not be a dedicated Smart Watch for off roading, but it has some nifty features that could easily be adapted to that…or maybe track use?

As we have seen, Scania recently jumped on the connected watch bandwagon lorry, so why not get in early?





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