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How to sell your car quicker and for more money

3 Nov , 2016   Gallery

Without doubt the best way to get the most money for your old car is to sell privately. You get to keep the whole amount, without a dealer having to worry about the resale value and cutting a cost for himself.

Many people find it hard to sell their own cars though, it often takes months and most give up because the interest isn’t there, or the price is knocked down before a punter even visits.

Want to know how to sell your car quicker and for more money?

One simple trick.




Ever heard someone say a picture paints a thousand words. It’s so true.

Take this advert on Gumtree for example. Rafael wants to sell his Nissan Note for £1,950. But just look at the images…and yup, that is the main image for the advert right there!




The whole car isn’t shown in its entirety, parts are cut off, it’s been taken in portrait mode, the lighting is bad and the car just isn’t being shown off at its best.

It took about 2 minutes of searching to find such a bad example. They are everywhere. eBay, Gumtree, AutoExpress, PistonHeads, you name it and there are awful images of cars for sale.

Not everyone is David Bailey when put behind the camera, but the basics aren’t that hard to achieve!



But if you really want to increase the price of your car and the amount of interest it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They have all the gear and for an hour or so of their time you could get some cracking shots.

Where would you find such a person though?

A new service called Bidvine can help you out there.
It’s a service type website that puts you in touch with professionals from different industries, whether you need a DJ for a party or a wedding planner. But in this case you’d need a professional product photographer.

It’s stupidly simple to use. Just log on to the site, enter photography and Bidvine will ask you 5/6 questions to get some more info from you.






This then pushes the request to the registered pro’s who can quote you. Next you get five custom quotes sent to you with their contact info and qualifications.

Once everything is agreed the photographer will come out and take the pics, you then pay him directly for the work.

Using the service is completely free for the end user, the professional is charged a small fee to quote for your work.




You set the price, but just incorporate that into the sale cost of your car. You’re guaranteed to secure more interest with professional looking images.

Buyers will think your car is treasured and well looked after, if you’ve gone to the trouble of having professional images taken then your vehicle must be worth that cost and investment.


Any car can benefit from this treatment when being sold privately, it doesn’t just have to be high end marques. Take this dinky MG Midget for example!




Apple don’t sell iPhone’s by the truck load with images taken badly on a smartphone.

Car manufactures invest in glossy, sexy shots because they sell the cars for them. Builders pay a lot of money to have artists create impressions of what the finished house will look like…because mud and bricks simply doesn’t sell the dream.

So invest in your imagery, it’s well worth it.





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