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Buying used cars abroad: top tricks of the trade

28 Nov , 2016  

There’s a variety of reasons why you could be looking at buying a car abroad, but in the same way that new cars lose their value over here, the depreciation rate on foreign cars is just as high.

Whatever your reason, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the tips and tricks that will help you to save money and ensure you don’t end up with a poor deal on a second hand car abroad.


  1. Look at local forums and reviews

Whether you’re going on a travelling adventure, or you’ve decided to up sticks and move to warmer climates, you’re going to need some transportation when you get there. In the same way that you’ve done your research on where you want to live, have a look around at the car dealerships and independent sellers in the local area.

What kind of cars are there a lot of? What prices are they going for compared to over here?

Thanks to the online world, you can get a great indication of the best places to go via local forums and review sites, which will give you the opinions and experiences of people who already live there.




  1. Ex-pat advice

Following on from the advice that local people can give you, there are quite often entire sites devoted to ex-pat communities, where people can share stories and ask questions if they are thinking of moving to the same area.

They will be able to give you first-hand experience about buying a used car in a different country, and may even give you specific car dealers.


  1. Check out deals online before you get there

It could be the case when you look into buying a used car near your new home, that they are far more expensive than you imagined, in which case, buying online might be a better option.

On one hand, it will be ready to pick up when you arrive, and you can arrange insurance and all the correct documentation beforehand to relieve stress, but on the other, you could get an incredible bargain.

Not only might you get special introductory offers or online discounts, but if you hold out for a good exchange rate, it could end up costing you far less than buying in person.




  1. Look out for names you know

If you’re still dubious about where to buy your car from even after all your research, look out for names that you know. You’ll find that many online vehicle marketplaces operate in across the globe.

For example, AutoTrader in South Africa sell a variety of used cars in the same way that they do in the UK, and you can rest assured that they offer the same quality service and guarantees that they do at home.


Have you moved abroad and bought a second hand car? Our readers would love to know about your experience, so tell us all about it in the comments section below.


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