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Are You Ready For Anything Over The Holiday Season?

5 Dec , 2016  

There’s so much to do this winter, isn’t there?

Every year is the same.

Christmas and the holidays approach and everybody has something to think about, but we’re never quite prepared for it.

We know it’s coming, but then it all just happens so quickly. Any plans go straight out the window.

Everything is chaotic and busy, which means nearly anything can be forgotten and there always is something which ends up neglected until the last minute or forgotten entirely. I’m sure you’ve been there too, right?

Well, we all have. We’ve all forgotten something on the long drive down to see our parents, because we were too busy focusing on gifts, travel arrangements and keeping the kids or the rest of the family happy.

Unfortunately, as busy as you already are, some things can’t be neglected over the coming month. One of those things is your car.


Above is a picture which may or may not be familiar to you. If it isn’t, you’re lucky, but breakdowns are an unfortunate reality for so many on a daily basis.

Whilst it isn’t the end of the world, prior arrangements can be entirely ruined by an unforeseen emergency such as this.

During the holiday season, this is most certainly not a situation in which you want to find yourself.

If you’re travelling to visit family or even journeying a long way to take time off work and spend a week or two at home with those you care about, a breakdown can entirely ruin your plans for that evening and put a damper on your holiday.

That isn’t the start you wanted.


It’s better to pre-emptively take action, rather than be one of the hundreds of people stuck on motorways after breakdowns every day of the winter season.

Yes, it’s very easy to get into the mindset of saying ‘well, it’s always someone else’. It may have always been someone else in the past, but this time it could be you.

There’s no point in risking a shorter holiday and a broken car over what is supposed to be a relaxing season when there’s a simple solution. Car services can be a pain, particularly at such a hectic time of year, but if you want the next month or two to go off without a hitch, it’s better to not leave anything down to chance.

If you get your car checked out now, you can rest easy in the knowledge that no nasty surprises await you down the line. Then you can relax (to a moderate extent), whilst you focus on the millions of other things you need to do…


Of course, make sure you keep safe throughout winter. There are things you could be doing to look after your car and, in turn, you or your family.

Buy some anti-freeze before the cold really sets in this season, because you don’t want any unexpected eventualities to disrupt your travels. More than anything, being stranded in freezing conditions is a risk to your health. Maintenance might not come straight away and even a car in good condition can be affected by freezing conditions.

Don’t leave anything to chance on your long travels this Christmas. Stay safe.



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