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Winterising Your 4×4 For The Extremes

20 Dec , 2016  

A good 4×4 can handle any terrain, and the winter is no different. However, if you’re not maintaining it properly, it won’t help you. In fact, due to its weight and power, it can end up more dangerous. So make sure you’re performing these checks and changes.


2015 Mitsubishi ASX 4WD Front Action carwitter 700x465 - Winterising Your 4x4 For The Extremes - Winterising Your 4x4 For The Extremes


Check the essentials

Your 4×4 is going to need the same essential checks and bits of maintenance as most other cars, for a start. Antifreeze at a 1:1 mix ratio with water for the engine.

A change of tires for more weather suitable ones, including a check on their balance and tyre pressure to makes sure they distribute the tread evenly.

Check your battery is fully functional before heading out anywhere. It’s a good idea to change your oil when bad weather hits, even if it hasn’t been six months since the last check. The winter can eat up that oil all too easily.


Test your AWD

All-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive systems are going to be your best friends on perilous roads. Just make sure you know how they work and that they’re working. Newer models of 4×4 tend to have an automatic AWD function.

If yours doesn’t, make sure you remember to not only turn it on for difficult terrain. Check it beforehand. If it isn’t engaging or disengaging as it should or not giving enough torque on icy roads, get it taken in.


2015 Mitsubishi ASX 4WD Rear Angle carwitter 700x465 - Winterising Your 4x4 For The Extremes - Winterising Your 4x4 For The Extremes


Make some additions

You want to make the vehicle last, stay in good condition, and be safer to drive. To that end, you should consider some of the add-ons worth fixing on.

For example, looking at some popular F150 accessories, one that is immediately worth checking out is a TechShade Sun Shade, which absorbs heat to prevent and lessen frosting. Then there are additions like larger side-bars you should consider to make it easier to get in when the footing of the icy ground isn’t all that helpful.


Get your kit ready

Regardless of how well you prepare, you never know what the season is going to throw at you. So you need to prepare for emergencies. Particularly, you need to make sure you have a kit ready for winter.

Keep some additional antifreeze, keep gear that will keep you warm and fed while you wait for help. Make sure you have an extra tire and jump cables ready to help you get back up.

It’s worth charging a phone and keeping it off before every journey, too, in case you need to call for help.


Winter Tyres Abandoned Cars Snow 700x468 - Winterising Your 4x4 For The Extremes - Winterising Your 4x4 For The Extremes


Consider an engine heater

It’s a common tactic to let your vehicle idle with the engine on in the winter to get it ready for you. In particular, when it comes to 4x4s and trucks, that’s not the best of options.

It’s not only very costly, but it can add stress to your engine. So instead, consider how using an engine heater for your diesel engine. Your engine may have a block heater installed. If not, consult a specialist or dealership. You need it to match the wattage of the engine. Otherwise, it’ll run up your electricity usage unnecessarily.

Being winter ready is essential. Especially in a vehicle with as much heft as a 4×4. Don’t be trying any long distance journeys without looking at these vital points.



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