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Car Care Doesn’t Have To Be Hard…

20 Jan , 2017  

There are plenty of tasks in life that we try to avoid. Doing our tax returns. Cleaning our homes. We want to look to the fun times, not the chores.

So, how do you travel? With your car? Awesome.

The problem is if you avoid the basics of car maintenance (and that doesn’t mean you need to bend into the bonnet every day with a wrench) you’re going to run into some serious issues eventually. A trip to the auto repair shop could be costly if you make it so.


Car care? It doesn’t have to be hard work unless you want it to be that way.

Now, your beloved vehicle can succumb to some serious damage if you choose to neglect it. You need to care for your car almost as if it’s a living thing. It needs fuel, water and the ability to breathe!


Air filters?

They are an easy change. Your car breathes through them, so all the nasty exhaust fumes of the road are going straight into them. This is bad news!

Your car needs to breathe, like you and me, so change your air filter to keep your vehicle in good health. It’s an easy thing to do and something you can change right away.


An oil change

…is another method of caring for your car that is overlooked. The oil provides lubrication to your engine, and ageing oil will increase the access that dirt and grime have to the internal of workings of the car engine. This isn’t good at all for the health of the car.

Get an oil check and change the oil when it’s dirty. Grime isn’t something that should meet your engine.


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Clean it!

Perhaps the easiest thing you can do right away is clean your car.

Get rid of the old coffee cups and pieces of paperwork from the interior and give it a good scrubbing to remove the dirt and bacteria that will eat away at the inside of your vehicle.


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The tyres and brakes of your car pose an important issue as you don’t want to drive around if they are wearing out. Over time, brakes and tyres wear out.

Get the brakes checked out by professionals if you notice anything like a weird noise or an increase in stopping time.

Worn-out tyres might just be as bad as having no rubber tyres at all. Your tyres are the only part of the vehicle which is in contact with the surface of the road.

This means that every single driving action performed by you actually needs the permission of the tyres and if they happen to be worn out?


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Then it could spell complete and utter disaster which could end in serious damage. Test your tyres out and change them upon any sign of wear and tear. It’s great that you’ve got new brakes, but new tyres are needed to get the most out of the new brake pads.

Car care doesn’t have to be hard. It can be tricky, but repairing a car is harder work! Look after your car and once you can maintain it, maybe you can improve it!

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