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Protecting Yourself after a Car Accident

6 Feb , 2017  

You’ve seen how to avoid the financial disasters of car accidents, but do you know how to protect your wellbeing?

Globally, there are on average 3,287 deaths due to road crashes every day — this tragic statistic, compiled by the ASIRT (Association for Safe International Road Travel), has meant that road traffic injuries are predicted to become the fifth most frequent cause of death by the year 2030.


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But, for those that are involved in an accident and survive, although can be considered extremely lucky to be alive, still have to bare the brunt of what has happened to them and deal with the aftermath.

Even the most minor of accident cases can cause long-term anxiety as well as phobias about re-entering a car — whether that be to drive it or ride in it as a passenger — for those who were involved.

The most common psychological reaction to being involved in a car accident, however, is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

What increases the likelihood of PTSD being brought about through involvement with a car accident, in comparison to it being the end-result of other traumas, is the increased probability of those suffering from it being injured and having developed a chronic pain condition as a result.


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This is why, first and foremost, medical assistance should be sought to nullify the physical pain(s) of the injuries suffered following the trauma of a car accident.

If you were to ever be unfortunate enough to suffer an injury through a car accident, whether you were told to seek medical treatment or not, you should do so just to provide you with a peace of mind in regards to knowing exactly the state you find yourself in physically, as well as to give you a clear outlook when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of the accident that is soon to follow.

And the aftermath is going to be unrelenting in regards to dealing with the financial repercussions of the collision, despite the state of which you are in both physically and mentally.

This is why it is pivotal to find financial assistance, like that offered by a car accident lawyer, in order to ensure that you are making the right decision in getting the maximum compensation for medical bills, lost wages due to missed work, and pain and suffering that you deserve, as well as to ensure that you allow yourself as much time as possible to focus on your recuperation and not financial worries.


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But, even after handling all of these procedures in the aftermath, you are still feeling mentally stretched and scarred, even when a large portion of time has passed since the accident, then psychological treatment should be sought.

As articled on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: unfortunately, studies have shown that of the people who develop PTSD and do not seek psychological treatment, approximately half continue to have symptoms for more than six months or a year.

Therefore, it’s important not only to identify the symptoms of psychological distress as early on as possible, but to have them checked by a professional if they persist.



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