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Ever lost your keys? Read this.

15 Feb , 2017  

Losing a car key can lead to a very stressful and frustrating situation, especially when you’re in a hurry or you’re away from home or working place. They can take an age to find, or may even be lost for good! Thankfully though, in most cases, the key is somewhere nearby…you just can’t see it.

To avoid this situation, as Auto Locksmith suggests that you use one of the many small devices, which are known as key finders. There are 2 main types: Bluetooth and Radio Frequency (RF). Bluetooth finders operate through an app on your smartphone, whilst RF finders use special fobs. Both types have similar range.


Click ‘n Dig

One of the more popular devices for finding your keys, is a Click ‘N Dig key finder, which works on radio frequency and consists of one finder fob and four tags.

You can attach the tags to your car key or to any other easily lost items. Each tag has a colour code and corresponds to a coloured button on the fob. When your car key goes missing, you can press the coloured button on the finder and its matching tag will flash and beep. The signal can go through walls, but you’ll need to be within less than 60 feet of your lost key.


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Another popular RF key finder is a LOC8TOR Lite, which is very accurate and effective.

In addition to flashing and beeping when you press the find button, the credit card-sized handset will guide you to your lost key with a built-in proximity meter.

The LOC8TOR Lite works through walls and doors with a range up to 400 feet (in clear line of sight), according to the company.


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Tile is another good device for finding your keys. It operates with the Bluetooth functionality of your smartphone. The Tile doesn’t work through a transmitter unit, as its tag is located via the app. When you are within 50-150 feet of your lost key, the app will guide you to it.

Tile doesn’t use flashing lights, but plays a loud tune, when you get close to your lost item. If you keep the app running in the background, the Tile will remember the last location of your key.

Also, with this device, you will be notified of the location of your lost key, if any smartphone in the Tile community passes it, clever. According to the company, this feature works 100% anonymously, in order to protect your privacy.

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