Litchfield Nissan GT R Stage 4 Rear Badge Low carwitter 700x432 - Huffy Power: Rob's Awesome Nissan GT-R - Huffy Power: Rob's Awesome Nissan GT-R

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Huffy Power: Rob’s Awesome Nissan GT-R

15 Feb , 2017  

Any WTCC racing fans out there will be familiar with paddock favourite and 2012 world champion, Rob Huff.  You may be less familiar with his awesome, Litchfield tuned, GTR.

Hot of winning his first WTCC championship, Rob headed to Litchfield Motors to ask them to give his Nissan the works.  He’s used to handling some pretty powerful cars so it stands to reason the British racing driver wanted to add a few bespoke touches of his own.

The car had to be a daily driver but he briefed the team on producing him a no expenses spared Japanese rocket, improving performance, power and driving pleasure.  He then headed off on his busy testing schedule and the project began.


Rob Huff Nissan GTR Litchfield carwitter 700x466 - Huffy Power: Rob's Awesome Nissan GT-R - Huffy Power: Rob's Awesome Nissan GT-R


You may struggle to believe the build took one day! Don’t be fooled though, it was a well planned day.

Parts, design and contingencies were all pre planned before the arrival of the car and then the whole team worked on the car in what they described as ‘pit stop style’ so whilst you might be able to check out Torque Cars to get some hints on how to build a machine like this one, you probably won’t be able to cram it all into a day!

So what has this absolute beast got going for it?

You can see the full details on Litchfields website here but for a little taster she looks a little like this.  The factory engine has been put through a Stage 4.5 engine upgrade taking it’s 485 bhp to a, quite frankly shocking, 715 bhp with 630 lbft of tq.

With respected brand names added to the GTR such as Milltek featuring in the cast stainless downpipes and of course the legendary Akrapovič exhaust system finished with carbon tailpipes.

With a heavy software update to make the most of the map, an improved transmission setup, Litchfield’s suspension kit and, of course, the Alcon CCX ceramic brake kit to slow the thing down it’s unlikely you will see Rob on the road because he’ll either be too far ahead of you, or blurring past you like a bat out of hell.

Of course as a racing driver Huffy knows the importance of road safety which is why he’s more of a gentle cruiser until, of course, he hits the track.  To test the car he headed out to Castle Combe with another Litchfield customer and good friend Tom Chilton.

The seal of approval came when he high tailed off to the Nurburg 24hour in, of course, his brand new GTR.

We think this is a really special and unique twist on the already incredible Nissan GTR and are really impressed by the subtle exterior styling which keeps it, oh so street cool.

So Rob?  Anytime you want to hand us the keys so we can get to grips with her awesome power? You know where we are!


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