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The Best & Worst Things About Driving

22 Feb , 2017  

Most people will learn how to drive at some point in their lives. Passing your driving test is seen as a key point in life, something you should aspire to achieve.

As car enthusiasts, we enjoy a lot of things about driving. It’s fun, and there are plenty of positives you get from the driving experience too. However, there are some things that can be a bit of a pain for drivers as well.

Keeping that in mind, this post is going to centre around the best and worst things about driving. Think of it as a little informational piece for anyone out there that’s yet to drive and wants to know what to expect from car ownership. Check out all the information below:


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For the most part, driving a car is a complete joy. There’s something special about having a car and being given the freedom to drive around as you please. So, to begin this piece, we’re going to look at the best things about driving:

More Freedom

As mentioned, driving a car comes with a sense of freedom. When you’re young, you rely on other people or things to get you around. You’re restricted in where you can go based on the public transport near you or how far your parents are willing to drive.

But, when you learn to drive, you suddenly have a newfound freedom to explore. You can drive wherever you want, meaning you get to see new and exciting things that you never even knew existed. Driving opens up your world and stops limiting what you can do in your spare time.


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Makes Life Easier

There’s no denying that one of the best things about driving is that it makes your life so much easier. Imagine you have to go to work every morning and rely on a bus or train to get you there.

Normally, this means getting up earlier than you need to as you have to walk to the station. Then, you have to endure the ride itself before finally getting off and walking to your place of work. Public transport can turn a twenty-minute journey into forty-minute one quite easily.

But, with a car, you can hop out of bed later, and drive yourself right to the office. It’s the same for other things too, like needing to pop to the shop because you’ve run out of something. Get in your car and drive wherever you want, it’s so easy.

It’s Exciting

Simply put, driving can be very exciting. It’s certainly far more exciting than walking or getting the bus. You can buy yourself a nice car and then take to the motorway. Then, you can put your foot down and experience the thrill of driving fast.

Or, you could go on a track day and drive a fast car around a racing track all day long. There’s just something extremely invigorating about getting behind the wheel of a car.


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There’s no point in lying about it, we all know there are some bad things that come with driving a car. However, there are usually some ways you can make the bad things just a little bit better. Below, we’ve listed the worst things about driving, and how you can improve them:

Learning To Drive

First things first, the worst thing about driving a car is actually learning how to drive. All those hours practicing with an instructor, going through DMV practice test after practice test and forking out loads of money while you’re at it. Learning to drive is expensive and stressful as you need to learn everything by the book even though the majority of drivers don’t do things by the book.

But, you can make the experience better by reducing how much you pay when learning to drive. Practice with parents or family members instead of an instructor, and you will save a fortune.

Plus, you’ll pass quicker too as you don’t have to restrict your lessons around a budget. So, the experience lasts less!


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Running Costs

Another big issue with driving is having to pay all the running costs. You’re constantly spending money on fuel, and it eats away at your budget. Not to mention insurance and road tax that also come out of your bank account every year. Cars are expensive to run, and it can be a big downside of owning one.

You are able to reduce the running costs if you look at your fuel efficiency. Become a more efficient driver, and you’ll burn less fuel. This means you save so much money when paying for fuel, which greatly decreases running costs!


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Car Maintenance

Going hand in hand with running costs has to be car maintenance. Now, a lot of the maintenance tasks can cost money, which means they are running costs of a sort.

But, that’s not the main reason they’re annoying. The reason they’re annoying is because they take up a lot of time and effort, and need to be done quite frequently.

Things, like washing your car and checking tire pressure or oil levels, need to be done monthly. The problem is, if you forget to do these things, you could risk damaging your car!

So, you have to go through the annoyance of maintaining your car as much as possible.

Can you make car maintenance any less of an annoyance? You can, if you hire someone to wash your car or take it to a car wash. At least with this idea, you don’t have to spend hours cleaning it yourself.

As you can see, there are plenty of good things about driving and a few bad things too. Truthfully, there are more positive things than negative ones.

Learning to drive is always a good idea as it can change your life and make everything much easier for you. Plus, the negative issues with driving can all be watered down if you know the right things to do.

Hopefully, this piece has helped you see driving from two different perspectives and prepared you for what lies ahead if you don’t have a license yet.




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