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Best spring road trips in the UK

8 Mar , 2017  


So the depths of winter are slowly fading, barring the odd shower and cold snap spring should be emerging this month. It’s time to get that classic out of storage, or drop the top on that convertible.

But where to go? Here are a few of our best road trips to take this spring.



Wherever you’re from you can’t help but fall in love with Devon. If you’re heading from the midlands you can meander through Somerset beforehand, but make Salcombe your final destination.

We recently went there for the Mazda MX-5 RF launch. What a perfect car for those roads…except the weather wasn’t exactly favourable and it lashed it down for the best part of our trip!


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The roads you want to head for are through Dartmoor. Sadly, most of them are 40 MPH, but that’s due to the sheep and horses that tend to stand immediately in front of you without a care in the world.

It’s not about speed though on this one, it’s the scenery you’re there to take in. Rolling hills, ferns and heathland are spectacular, especially at sunrise and sunset. After that you can make your way up the Jurassic Coast stopping off at Paignton and Torquay.



Obviously we couldn’t mention road trips without going to Scotland. But there are a plethora of jaw dropping roads to be had up here. Shooting across the borders brings some stunning scenery and winding roads for mile upon mile.

But for the best driving you need to head to the north coast. The roads just inland from Dounreay (look for the nuclear power station) are just stunning.

They twist and turn for miles, all laid out in front of you like a ribbon, there’s barely any traffic either allowing you to cut the racing line in perfect safety.


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You can take in Thurso, RSPB Dunnet Head, and of course John o’Groats. If you drive all the way up from the south, expect it to take a good six hours or so. You’ll need a co-driver for sure.

We couldn’t go to Scotland without mentioning that road made famous by Mr Bond though. If you want to head there you’ll need to aim for Glencoe and the A82. If you’re over that way you may as well check out Ben Nevis too.



Another location that simply couldn’t be missed off the list is Llangollen in Wales. We took the Clio Trophy there for its anniversary drive with twenty or so other Trophy’s a few years back.

The Evo Triangle

The roads from Llangollen over towards Betws-y-Coed and through the Snowdonia National Park are breath taking. You can jump on the A5 at Cerrigydrudion and move onto the famed evo triangle.

You go west on the A5, then north east on the A543 before hitting the B4501 south. It’s an epic set of roads that match a peppy front wheel drive hot hatch perfectly.
It will take you past Llyn Brenig and Alwen reservoirs and across some stunningly bare heathland.


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After there you can either go west to Snowdonia as mentioned, or north up to Colwyn Bay and Llandudno. Or maybe you fancy going to Holyhead and jumping on a ferry to the Isle Of Man.

There are plenty of stunning roads and scenery in this country, so don’t just use your car for a dreary commute, take it somewhere, and enjoy the open road!

If you do fancy a spring road trip, you could consider getting yourself a new car whilst you are at it. There are plenty on the market and most are available on zero deposit car lease deals.

Find yourself a car, book yourself time off and head on a beautiful spring road trip!


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