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14 Mar , 2017  

Transport keeps the world spinning, and the past century has seen travel become very personalised.

We don’t all have to rely on public transport; we have the option to drive our own vehicle and take control of the road. Obviously, I don’t to tell you this, but my point is that it’s something we take for granted.


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The power to be completely in control of our transport and travel comes at a price. Congestion, pollution and the resulting effects of global warming are pushing car manufacturers and drivers alike to crave a cleaner, safer and sustainable future.

If you’re wondering just how we’re moving towards the new world of driving, then here are some changes facing us over the horizon.


Technological driving

The digital world seeps into all aspects of our lives, and the automotive industry has not been left out of this new, technological world order.

Whether it’s Uber pushing traditional taxi firms out of the market or car companies working with corporate giants such as Apple to incorporate Siri into vehicles, providing a personal assistant which goes far beyond simply offering GPS directions, cars are going to become an entirely new entity over the coming decades.

Whilst vehicles have been continuously improved and updated over the years, the changes happening rapidly and almost exponentially in the present day are stretching far beyond sleek, modern designs and gimmicky gadgetry. The roads are going to become very different for all of us.


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Technology isn’t just changing the gadgets within our cars, but the very way we power cars themselves. Electric vehicles are slowly taking off, and perhaps when the streets offer more charging points for such cars, then they’ll become a much more popular mode of transport.

Hydrogen-powered cars are another exciting concept, as they would emit nothing but water vapour. However, hydrogen is still very expensive and difficult to extract. The problem, as always, involves money and the limits of our present technology. The point is that we’re progressing towards such possibilities.


Green driving

The big talking point in the automotive world, much like every industry on earth, is sustainability. Whatever you may think about green solutions, everybody wants the world to keep spinning, and we have to face the facts that we need to make some big changes to the heart of so many industries.


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Manufacturers in the vehicular industry have been working hard for years to try and make this happen. Companies such as DUEM are working hard to create solar-powered vehicles which will shape the face of the future.

Electric vehicles, as mentioned earlier, are becoming more popular because of their green effect on the world. Of course, such progression has to come gradually. If everyone were to dump their diesel cars today and buy electric ones, that would unnecessarily waste a substantial amount of resources.


Automated driving

Maybe the driverless car, as a mainstream ideal, is still a distant idea, but it’s an intriguing one, nonetheless.

One article discusses the concept of one-person driverless pods (as people hate one another, and current public transport is so unappealing) revolutionising the road. It’d reduce congestion in the city, as short journeys to the office or local bars would no longer require one’s personal car.


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Of course, to suggest that personal cars would vanish is ridiculous, as such technology is often excluded from isolated areas or simply less-populated areas outside of major cities.

Still, every step is a step in the right direction, and the future of driving definitely seems to be heading towards a greener, cleaner, faster and calmer road for drivers and passengers alike.

The changes might be happening gradually, but they are happening.

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