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How to get the best insurance for your car

23 Mar , 2017  

It’s not always easy to find the best insurance for your car.

A lot of people can feel weighed down with the amount of options that are available, especially if they’re unsure of exactly what they need.

The amount of insurance you pay will depend on how much of a risk the insurance company believes you are, so it’s worth considering ways that you can shop around for policies that can save you some money.

Sounds like hassle? Don’t worry; we’ve compiled some advice to help you make the most of the deals that are on the market today.


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Know your options

To find the deal that’s most suited to you, it’s vital that you know your options and shop around. There are three main types of car insurance coverage: third party car insurance, third party fire and theft insurance and fully comprehensive insurance.

Under UK law, third party coverage is the minimum amount that anyone needs to drive on the roads.

This basic cover only covers costs relating to damage caused to other’s property, compensation or any costs relating to injuries that the other driver may sustain. If you want protection for yourself, too, it may be a better idea to go for third party fire and theft insurance.

Lastly is fully comprehensive, a policy that will cover the costs of damage to both your car and that of the other driver for incidents that include traffic accident, fire and theft. Remember that although third-party coverage may be the lesser of the three, this does not always mean it will be the cheapest.

Some insurance companies will offer fully comprehensive cover for a lower price solely because the fact that you’ve chosen this option will mean you’re assessed at a lower-risk.

Be aware that car insurance companies will try to sell you additional add-ons that are either already included in your chosen policy or are unnecessary.

These include things such as windscreen cover and breakdown cover.

If you only need insurance for a short period, you should consider looking at short term car insurance quotes.

This type of cover is ideal for anyone who needs to use their vehicle for 1-28 days and is popular with students who are transporting their belongings to and from university or drivers who are giving training to learner drivers.


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Use an established comparison site

Once you know your options, the best way to compare the price of deals is with a trusted comparison site.

These allow you to compare different car insurance policies depending on who you are, what you’re looking for and for how long and is a much simpler process than filling out multiple forms from different companies.

Instead, search for policies via a ‘best buy’ table. It’s likely that the site that you choose will ask you to provide personal information such as your age, address, occupation and driving history as these are the things that directly affect the cost of cover.

You should have all of this information on hand, as well as details about the car you intend to cover such as the model, registration and when it was originally purchased.

Not every price comparison site will give you the same prices, so it’s sensible to shop around until you find the cheapest deal.

Also, it’s worth remembering that some financial providers pride themselves on not being featured on price comparison sites. These include companies such as Directline and Aviva, so you will have to go to them directly for a quote.


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Be a safe driver

Every car insurance company will assess prospective policyholders on risk. It’s simple: if you’re considered a high-risk driver, you will pay more for your insurance than a low-risk driver.

There are some common ways that will boost you into the high-risk category such as having a traffic violation or being at fault in an accident, being a young driver and your credit score.

Even things such as your occupation and your location can be correlated with coverage costs. If you are applying for car insurance for the very first time, it’s highly likely that you will pay a great deal more now than you will in the future although huge costs can sometimes be avoided if you add a responsible, low-risk second driver to your insurance such as a parent.

Once you’re insured and on the road, being a safe driver will benefit all future insurance policies that you take out as driving insurance is a primary factor when companies establish quotes for you.


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Avoid auto-renewal

It’s a lot less hassle to choose a car insurance policy and then stick with it year after year, but this process of auto-renewal is usually more expensive in the long-run than changing your policy completely. Each year, car insurance companies increase their prices for their existing policyholders, taking advantage of the mass inertia.

Always be aware of when your renewal date is due and as the time approaches, try to find a cheaper deal or negotiate the price of the deal you already have.

Even so, you can sometimes switch mid-year as long as you haven’t claimed on your current policy. If this is the case, companies will give you a refund for the remaining time left on your cover.

In the year that you have held your current policy, a lot of things may have changed such as your occupation, credit score or location, so it’s a good idea to allow yourself to be reassessed for a new (and hopefully cheaper) type of coverage.

Car insurance has made loyalty a high price to pay, but if you keep track of when your renewal date is due, higher monthly costs can usually be avoided.


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