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DIY Tricks For Fixing Dents And Scratches

7 Dec , 2017  

Dents and scratches can leave your car looking ugly. But, getting them repaired can be costly. You may have wondered to yourself if there’s an easy way of repairing this damage yourself.

Well, in most cases, there is a simple solution. You may even have the tools for the job in your home already.

It’s worth considering all your options before going DIY. Insurance companies generally won’t pay you to make repairs if you’ve already attempted them yourself, so be sure that the damage isn’t too serious.

There are also solicitors out there such as–iowa-auto-accident-attorney.cfm that might be able to help you make a legal claim to cover costs.

This could allow you to similarly get the damage prepared professionally rather than attempting it yourself, although requires you to know the driver that did the damage.

Of course, if these options aren’t possible, then feel free to try tackling the damage yourself using some of these tricks. They’re not very complex and are sure to save you money.


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Use a plunger

Got a big dent? This might be easily solvable by using an ordinary household plunger. Splash some hot water on the plunger, place on the dent and try pulling to see what happens.

There are professional plungers on the market specifically for dents as found from If a normal plunger doesn’t work, you could try buying one of these tools and seeing if it has any impact.


Hammer from the other side

Another option for fighting dents could be to use a hammer from the other side of the door. This is another tactic used by mechanics and can take a little bit more skill depending on the shape of the dent.

You ideally want a dolly for controlling how hard you hammer. Try to match the size of your hammer and dolly to the size of the dent. After hammering back into shape, the metal may be creased, in which case you may want to buff it up and then repaint over the areas.

This method only works if you’re able to access the dent from the other side, which may not be possible in some areas of the car.


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Buy a dent puller

Another option could be to buy a dent puller. These are simple tools which require you to drill a small hole in the dent. You can then place a hook in the dent and pull it back out. Afterwards you can then seal up the dent and paint over it so that your car’s body looks brand new.

This option is ideally if you can’t access the opposite side to hammer the dent. There are lots of dent puller kits on the market such as this professional one at You may be able to buy the hook on its own if you feel the other parts aren’t required.


Use wet sandpaper

When it comes to scratches, there are similarly a couple DIY methods.

If the scratch isn’t too deep, you may be able to use grit wet sandpaper to sand it down to a smooth finish and then paint over it. Wet sandpaper is often used in metal work and can be bought from sites such as for cheap.

You’ll want to polish the sanded area afterwards before painting it. There are lots of polishes online that can do the job.


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Use candle wax

A temporary solution to a car scratch could be candle wax. This doesn’t actually fix up the scratch but it’s very good at concealing it and making the area smooth. You can achieve this by lightly rubbing the candle over the scratch.

The wax is likely to flake off eventually, but if you want to hide a scratch for a day and need a quick solution, this could be it.


Use toothpaste

That’s right, toothpaste can also be an effective remedy against car scratches. By using it on a cloth and buffing up the affected area, it has the same impact on a rough scratch as it does against plaque on your teeth.

Make sure that you clean the damaged area of your car first. Rub the toothpaste in circular motions to get the best effect.


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