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Temporary Car Insurance: What Are the Options?

8 Dec , 2017  

There is a myriad of reasons why someone would need temporary insurance for a car or other type of vehicle; borrowing a van to move house, while learning to drive or using a family members car while they are on holiday. Whatever the reason you need to be insured and that can mean taking out extra insurance.

Here we investigate the options for acquiring temporary car insurance.


Use Your Existing Car Insurance

For those who have car insurance cover for their own car, using that insurance to drive someone else’s car may be an option – many comprehensive insurance policies allow this. If you have comprehensive cover, however, check the details because many only offer third party insurance for when you are driving someone else’s car. If this is the case and you are unfortunate enough to have an accident, then it could be you that ends up covering the cost.


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Get Temporary Car Insurance

Companies such as Day Insure now specialise in offering temporary insurance for cars and for other vehicles. The service offered is fast and convenient, as all the necessary documentation can be completed online, all you need is some personal details and the registration of the vehicle.

One of the advantages to taking out temporary car insurance is that should you have an accident, your no claims bonus on your regular car insurance policy will remain unaffected.

The price of the temporary policy, just like with any other type of car insurance cover will be determined by a number of factors such as age and whether or not there are any convictions accredited to the person taking out the policy.


Becoming a Named Driver

Another way to get temporary car insurance is for the person who owns the car to add you to their insurance policy. This method is only recommended if you know the person well because should you have an accident their policy will be affected, and premiums could increase.

Furthermore, it puts the onus on the car owner and not yourself. It will be the owner who has to go to the trouble of contacting their insurance company to arrange for you to be added to the policy and this may be something you are reluctant to do.

They may, of course, have an insurance policy that covers “any driver” and while this is all well and good, again, it may be that the cover is only third party, fire and theft and so checking the details is well advised.


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Other Considerations

There are several other considerations that need taking into account when using a vehicle that doesn’t belong to you and therefore requires some type of temporary car insurance, for example, the condition of the vehicle.

Vehicles that are old or have travelled a lot of miles are more likely to breakdown and so you may want to look into getting breakdown cover, either as part of the insurance policy or separately.

Also, before jumping behind the wheel, it is a good idea to give the vehicle a quick inspection. Check the tyres and oil levels – as the vehicle has been looked after by someone else it pays to be on the safe side.

Finally, it can be tempting, particularly for short journeys or short periods of time to take a risk and not consider insurance. This is illegal and immoral and if you or anyone else is hurt whilst you are in charge of the vehicle, you run the risk of a large fine or even imprisonment – so make sure you are covered.


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